Best Electronic CigaretteVapor Corporation has proudly introduced the Fifty One E Cigarette. An e cigarette is presented as a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The electronic cigarette allows you to smoke anywhere as they do not need a flame and don’t emit any smoke. Since you are not lighting tobacco and paper, there is no ash. Because it is a vapor product and not tobacco, you will not produce any tar or carbon monoxide. It is completely free of tobacco and therefore the chemicals are not present as in tobacco products. Because you emit only a vapor, there is no second-hand smoke. Electronic cigarettes are smokeless, so this means the user and those around the user are not in danger. Second-hand smoke is no longer a worry for your friends, family and co-workers when you opt for this smokeless cigarette.

The Fifty One E Cigarette is also a great way for a smoker to promote a greener environment. While this e cigarette eliminates second hand smoke, it also eliminates the waste disposal of tobacco cigarettes. Most tobacco cigarettes are encased in paper with a filter at the end. These filters are simply not biodegradable. So when you discard a tobacco cigarette, not only is it a litter problem, but it is an environmental problem as well. The Fifty One E Cigarette solves this problem.

You can give up the tobacco cigarettes and opt for a better product that is friendlier to the environment, yourself, your family and anyone who is around you when you smoke. The vapor emitted from an e cigarette is composed of water and simply evaporates. The vapor is used to physically mimic the act of smoking a tobacco cigarette.

To get you started on your greener transition to vapor e cigarettes, Vapor Corporation offers the Fifty One Electronic Cigarette USB Express Kit. Everything that you need to make the switch is included. You will find 1 Lithium Ion Battery that is the power behind the unit. And to get you started you will find two atomized cartridges, one for now, and one for later. There is also a USB charger for you to recharge the unit. Also included you will find a user manual that will answer questions and provide instructions on usage. All of the above mentioned products are packaged in a handy carrying case that makes it easy to store and take with you.

Gone are the days of yellowing teeth and calloused marks on your hand from smoking. You will none of these side effects once you switch electronic cigarettes. Lessening the cough and shortness of breath associated with regular tobacco cigarettes could lead to being more active which means you’ll be healthier.

In your interior environment you have probably noticed that if you smoke tobacco cigarettes you begin to see the yellowing of walls and ceilings over time. You will also notice that everything in the room where you smoke tobacco cigarettes is coated with a thick film of tar. Your clothes smell of smoke, as do your draperies, carpets, bedding and furniture such as sofas, loveseats and recliners. Even your hair smells of smoke. With a Fifty One E Cigarette, the smoke that you are emitting isn’t even smoke at all. It is only a water vapor that will dissipate in the air seconds after it is released. Now you can enjoy a Fifty One E Cigarette anywhere you go, including areas that have been declared smoke free.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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