The Fernando Leon Cigars Are A Tribute To The History Of His FamilyThe single line of Fernando Leon Cigars is a tribute to the late chief of La Aurora Cigars and his family’s story in the industry. The tobacco industry is filled with tradition because some families have been in the business for multiple generations. The Leon family is no different, and though Guillermo is currently the head of the clan, he has taken much of his inspiration from his father. The brand’s single blend is supported by La Aurora, a company that Guillermo himself heads now. According to Guillermo, it is a special blend that his father would only share with close family and friends, and sharing it with aficionados everywhere is a special moment for him. However, the family’s roots extend further back than even his storied father and his Fernando Leon Cigars, reaching back all the way to Dominican Republic.

According to Guillermo, his family has officially been involved in tobacco since his great-grandfather began growing it on his small plot of land in the Dominican. He believes the family’s relationship with tobacco extends much further than that, but there are scant records available to verify it. However, the family’s stature in the field really took off once his grandfather, Eduardo, started a factory in the Dominican that is still the lynchpin in Guillermo’s operations today. At first, the factory only used tobaccos grown by Eduardo’s father, but now incorporates plants from around the world in its smokes.

From 1903 to the 1930s, the factory operated out of Guazumal, a tiny blip outside of Santiago. At first, there were only three rollers with Eduardo, and they only had to supply local shops to make their way. Eventually, though, sellers from Santiago and other big cities came calling, and Eduardo was forced to transport huge bundles of sticks by donkey through the Dominican countryside. Before long this became an untenable situation and in the 1930s the factory moved to Santiago, where it remains today.

In the decades since, the family has expanded its reach in a number of other areas, including producing lines of cigarettes and even opening up a brewery, also run by a member of the clan. All of its business interests have made Guillermo and his family one of the most successful in the industry, as La Aurora totals almost half a billion a year in sales.

The Fernando Leon Cigars are designed with the family’s history in mind, incorporating a Dominican Corojo wrapper and binder into the blend, along with a number of Dominican fillers. It is available in several vitolas and reviewers have praised it for its cedar, wood, spicy and sweet flavors combined with a deft hand.

Guillermo’s family is only getting started, and though it is already one of the most recognizable and powerful in the field, he’s expecting even more from his children.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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