Esteban Carreras CovenantThe Esteban Carreras Covenant Cigars have been available since 2012, and are some of the newest high quality smokes produced by the brand. They were released simultaneously with the Chupacabra, in an effort to offer their fans a variety of flavor in their premium cigars. This boutique company is centered in Southern California and rather than rely on advertising, they allow their products to speak for themselves. Due to the lack of hype, the Esteban Carreras Covenant Cigars might have gone unnoticed if it wasn’t for all their positive reviews.

The Esteban Carreras Covenant Cigars are reddish brown, box pressed, and attractively double banded. The box press results in a squared shape, but also a longer burn time, paired with more flavor consistency. The Jalapas, Esteli, and Ometepe regions of Nicaragua contributed carefully selected tobaccos to the binder and filler of this smoke. The Habano Oscuro hybrid wrapper has an apparent sheen that reveals the toothiness (or miniscule bubbles of oil) in these small veined leaves, which are known to be more flavorful.

Reviewers found that the scent of this unlit cigar is of cedar and tobacco. The cold draw offers little to the palate, but that is a surprise given the complexity of the flavors once it is lit. The closed foot construction of the Esteban Carreras Covenant Cigars results in a draw that initially offers some resistance before easing up. One of the merits of a closed foot is that if a draw is taken while lighting, the smoker is treated with a brief taste of just the wrapper. This allows a fuller experience of the cigar, and offers the opportunity to pinpoint which flavor notes the Habano Oscuro hybrid is offering to the blend. Once lit, the main tastes were sweet spice, earth and leather. Reviews identified notes of rose, oak and coffee as pleasant, but subtle counterpoints to the other flavors. All these tastes build in intensity during the second third of the smoke, and a fruitiness that is more tart than sweet joins the flavor profile. The final third introduces some less mellow flavors that usher the fruit and sweetness out as spice and leather build in strength towards the nub. Reviewers found that the strength of the stogie waxes from medium to full during the smoking experience. Although the flavors change throughout the course of the smoke, most found this to be a smooth stogie. They praised its complexity and its excellent smoke production.

The ash produced is dark and firm, and up to an inch clings to the stogie before dropping off. Their handmade construction produces not only an attractive appearance, but a straight burn line as well. Although many reviewers stated that they were surprised at the flavor profile given the tobacco content, it was a pleasant deviation from expectations. The Esteban Carreras Covenant Cigars are available in 4 vitolas, all with a size 54 ring gauge. The Robusto is 5 ½ inches, the Toro is 6 inches, the Torpedo is 6 ¼ inches, and the Double Corona is 7 inches. The uniform ring gauge translates to greater customer control of the smoking experience. The wrapper to filler ratio is consistent, making each vitola comparable in taste but varied in the amount of time it takes to smoke.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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