El Centurion ClassicThe El Centurion Classic cigar is yet another masterpiece by the legendary Don Pepin Garcia. This stick was originally released in 2007, but was only available in limited quantities. It’s now being released again, this time as a member of the My Father Cigars core line. During its original release, aficionados raved about the blend’s mature and complex flavors. With its return, many enthusiasts are excited to get their hands on the blend again. Six years later, the stogie is still a regular conversation topic in the industry.

The wrapper is a Nicaraguan Habano, and the filler and binders both use Nicaraguan tobaccos. The El Centurion Classic cigar uses a Criollo 98 and Criollo 99 from Cuban seed matured for three years. The wrapper is chocolate brown in color and has some medium veining. The band is a stark red, gold and white design with a capital ‘C’ in the middle, flanked by multicolored ornamentation. It is available in four vitolas, including Robusto (5 x 50), Belicoso (5 1/2 x 52), Toro (6 1/2 x 52) and Toro Grande. The pre-light flavors are said to consist of strong but sweet cedar spice notes. Some detected a little cinnamon in the profile as well.

During the first third of the El Centurion Classic cigar, the stick opens up the same way that most Don Pepin stogies do, with a blast of black pepper. The black pepper eventually settles down, allowing sweet cedar spice notes to come through. This cedar spice quickly evolves into a range of flavors, including nutty and cherry tastes. The black pepper eventually settles in to the background, while some natural tobacco flavors are apparent on the finish.

In the second third of the stogie, the nutty flavor becomes the dominant note in the profile. A few reviewers thought the nuttiness was slightly smoky. The cedar, cherry and pepper layers are all still apparent in this part of the stick, but they shift to a secondary role. The natural tobacco notes move throughout. Many aficionados mentioned that the secondary notes were extremely well balanced against the primary nutty flavor.

The final third of the El Centurion Classic cigar shuffles the flavors around some. In this part of the stick, the cherry notes become a primary flavor while the nutty and tobacco notes disappear from the profile entirely. The cedar and black pepper combine to create a sweet and savory spice flavor. Reviewers found this taste to be unique and unlike anything else they had tasted in a cigar before. The finish delivers some pepper, but is not harsh or overwhelming.

The El Centurion Classic cigar is medium to full bodied and medium to full in strength. However, some aficionados considered it full-bodied and full strength. The burn and draw are both superb, which isn’t a surprise with Don Pepin’s history of well-constructed sticks. It is ideal for experienced smokers and should be a part of every enthusiast’s humidor.

Legendary blenders create legendary stogies. This stick has appeared on many top lists and is deserving of the fanfare its re-release is creating.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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