Cheap Drew Estate Cigars OnlineThe Drew Estate Cigar Company is located in the northern Nicaraguan area of Esteli Valley. From atop the valley’s mountain crest, you will find the Gran Fabrica overlooking one of Nicaragua’s most esteemed tobacco plantations. You can see acre after acre of Cuban seed tobaccos of different varieties.

Beginning with just six rollers, the Drew Estate cigar has made its mark on the handmade cigar industry since its inception eight years ago. Now they are acclaimed as one of the world’s largest and most respected tobacconists. This amazing company now employs over 800 people, not including those involved in farming and curing the tobacco. However, even with high demand, they continue to concentrate on the small batch philosophy that delivers quality versus quantity. Every cigar is made entirely by hand. There is no use of draw testing or hand bunching machines at all. Experienced staff oversees the artisans at work each day to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship for each and every cigar produced. Encapsulating the true identity of the company, the business slogan says it all; “The Rebirth of Cigars.”

The Drew Estate Cigar Company offers cigar safaris to their factory in the Esteli Valley. You can tour the facilities by taking advantage of either the one day, or the four day adventure. A certain amount of mystery, intrigue, and secrets await you as you leave Managua Airport. Once in Nicaragua, you will be treated to a stay at the Deluxe Hotel Cabanas at Gran Fabrica, which are comfortable, private, clean, and fully secured.

Drew Estate launched in 1995 and since then has won over the cigar world. While there are many types of a Drew Estate cigar, they are probably best known for their acid cigars line. These naturally flavored tobaccos have a wonderful taste all of their own. In order to make this cigar line, they use special tobaccos that are cultivated from places all over the earth.

Their flavorful cigars are gaining more applause from the connoisseur. Some of the flavors include java, Kahlua, and ambrosia. A Kahlua cigar is made with fine tobaccos grown in the fields of Nicaragua, blended with a completely unforgettable binder, and these wonderful cigars are completed using a specially grown wrapper. The taste of Kahlua is the final touch that absolutely brings the cigar to its grand finale.

Using native spices from South Asia and Europe, they created the ambrosia line. The tobacco leaves are grown and brought in from Honduras and Nicaragua. The creation led to a spiced tobacco cigar unlike any before it. The cigars are allowed to mature for 4 months. After this period of time, they are placed in cabinets made of cedar for an additional six weeks to really bring out the spicy aroma. They have shocked the cigar enthusiast with their naturally acidic cigars. Just when many connoisseurs decided that there couldn’t be anything more wildly imaginative, along came the Ambrosia cigar.

Whether you would like to tour their facility, or simply partake of their unique tobacco offerings, a Drew Estate cigar delivers a pleasurable adventure from the norm.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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