Best Bram Warren Cigar AshtraysThe functional and decorative Bram Warren ashtrays are a true hit among cigar aficionados. The various ceramic styles can add to your home and office décor with flair and prestige, because there is one to fit nearly any individuals taste and style.

The Bram Warren ashtray is individually hand crafted. That means each one is cast, glazed, and fired by hand, with no two looking exactly the same. This also means that the design will vary slightly for each ashtray. They are made in the United States of America and are very popular because of their uniqueness. There are four different varieties in this collection, and they are as follows:

Conference Triple

Deep Conference


The Well

These individualistic inspired ashtrays are a medley of creativity. Each one will harness a different color scheme, and they also have a reputation for excellence. Each piece of functional art is very sophisticated, and they have been styled to work harmoniously with any interior design motif and color scheme. They will enhance any room in your home or office. These lovely and elite ashtrays can be found in multi-million dollar homes and are nothing less than stunning. This makes them exclusive pieces, yet they are still incredibly affordable to use as a gift idea. What a great piece to give to a buddy or a fellow colleague. It will be a real treat for those cigar smokers who have everything.

Bram Warren ashtrays are 9” square, and are formed pieces with cut corners. The bowl dimensions are 6” x 2” in diameter. These impressive stogie holders have a large capacity for ashes and debris. The wide trough can hold even the largest ring gauge cigars firmly and securely. The Well is an added compliment to any cigar smoker as they have a separate ceramic container adorned in the same motif. It fits superbly on the top corner, and holds approximately 30 wooden matches, which are included. You can remove the “strike anywhere” match and light it on the unglazed bottom surface. Four felt bumpers appear on the base, which prevents it from sliding. The base of each individual bowl carries the company's insignia as well. There is no other design like it on the market. The Well by Bram Warren ashtrays is definitely a cigar smokers dream.

The varieties of colors and shades for each line is astounding, to say the least. Because their approach is to make each beautiful bowl different, this makes this specific brand very popular and in definite demand among cigar enthusiasts everywhere. Many cigar lovers swear by them. Their prestige and their being one-of-a-kind is why they hold such popularity.

They are great for alone time, when you just want to sit and reminisce while smoking your stogie to relax and get away from life's issues. They are also wonderful for those moments when you have your cigar buddies over and everyone just has a good time. A Bram Warren ashtray is so much more than just your normal ashtray. They are a fine work of art made by hand, and just as different as people are, there are no two just alike.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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