Davidoff Year Of The Snake CigarsFebruary marks the beginning of Chinese New Year and the release of the Davidoff Year of the Snake cigar. The snake has long been revered as the zodiac symbol for wealth and infinity, while Davidoff has always been the staple of luxury for many aficionados. It is almost uncanny how the mysterious air surrounding Chinese legend intertwines with the stately and contemporary nature of these polished cigars.

Every Chinese New Year millions of ornamented envelopes are exchanged to bring the receiver positive fortunes. This tradition directly inspired the packaging and labeling of these sticks. Each of these stogies is laid in a beautiful red and gold octagonal box, featuring a golden snake curled in a figure eight. The label is just as regal and uses the same color scheme and ancient symbols for infinity.

The Davidoff Year of the Snake cigar features a Churchill vitola, measuring 7”x48. This stogie draws in any aficionado with a captivating red mud and coffee colored wrapper. The lighter color is complemented by minimal veins, and the fine sheen of tobacco oils. Davidoff created this stick using some of the company’s rarer tobaccos. They begin by using an Ecuadorian 702 wrapper. Then San Vicente Seco leaf is used for the binder. The filler is an extraordinary mixture of Piloto Seco, San Vicente Ligero, Piloto Viso, and a Hybrid 192 Seco Yamasa leaf. These fine tobaccos emit a tantalizing pre-lit aroma of spiced cedar, soft tones of hay, flowers and light coffee.

The Davidoff Year of the Snake cigar provides a first third burn where the tastes of floral hay and a citrus coffee battle for dominance. These flavors were enhanced as if the whole stogie had been gently toasted. The 702 wrapper adds a honey undertone. It sparks with ease and maintains an almost machine accurate burn line. These characteristics transferred nicely into the second third. The difference was the spice flavors noticed at the beginning joined the other symphony of flavors. The coffee undertones fade slightly as lemon grass and peppery spice become the dominant tastes. The honey and toasty undertones take on the delightful flavor of honey roasted peanuts. The cedar and fruitier notes alternate as a medley of complimentary flavors. Each puff is met with a different underlying flavor. Smoke plumes roll off of this stogie but never takes a dark color, and remains cool. This is a finely done cigar of medium strength that never becomes overly harsh or spicy.

The final third of the Davidoff Year of the Snake cigar accentuates the finest qualities of the beginning. The field and floral notes find a perfect balance with the spiced pepper tastes. The cedar and coffee flavors return creating a dessert like denouement to this celebration inspired smoke. The flavors intertwine to present the overall tastes of enjoying lemon crème while sipping a heavy woodsy spice coffee and enjoying a bowl of honey roasted peanuts. This stogie possesses the complexities needed to please the most relentless aficionado and captivate the newest. When combined, these fine qualities make every day a New Year’s celebration for any aficionado smoking the Davidoff Year of the Snake cigar.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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