Review Of The Davidoff Royal Salomones CigarAlways known as the luxury cigar brand, the new Davidoff Royal Salomones are another triumph in the brand’s stogie offerings. Meticulously crafted by the company’s master blenders, this sumptuous cigar is part of the limited release Royal series. Due to the growing technique of the tobacco, how it is cultivated, and harvested, they only produce around 90 boxes each year, so acquiring one is a big deal. 

Reviewers love the Davidoff Royal Salomones exceptional smoking experience. If you look on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you will see aficionados relishing their Royal cigars. Why? Because all of them will tell you, it is one outstanding smoke. It has beautiful construction with a melding of flavors that do a sensuous dance across the palate. The Ecuadorian wrapper is smooth and unblemished with a lovely brownish cinnamon color. Smoking this particular stogie is like savoring an excellent glass of wine, with its dominant earthy oak notes balanced by a honeyed sweetness. Davidoff never does things by half, so the Dominican binder encompasses seven different Dominican tobaccos aged for at least seven years for maximum quality and flavor.  

Aficionados rate this stogie highly as it is a medium-bodied cigar that you can sit down and smoke for a couple of hours. It is not meant to be rushed through or hurried as you would miss out on the experience of smoking this masterpiece. Reviewers all stated that the oak and honey flavors are quite prominent, but the added white peppery spice balances the first two flavors perfectly. The second-third is a favorite with aficionados because of the creamy, buttery toasted notes that combined with a warm cinnamon spice. The final third evolves from the earthy first and sweet, creamy second to a spicy gingery finish. It has this sharp, tangy, citrusy edge with hints of cherry. 

Overall, this is an exceptional stogie from a company that knows how to make a quality cigar. The construction is exquisite; the burn rate is phenomenal, and the ash production is firm. You could not ask for a finer cigar. If you are lucky enough to receive a Davidoff Royal Salomones as a gift, sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for one of the best smoking experiences of your life.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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