The Davidoff Royal Robusto Cigar ReviewThe Davidoff Royal Robusto cigar stands alone with excellence, flavor, and perfection. They are handled from seed to packaging at a factory located in the Dominican Republic.  The company carefully controls the creation and processing of each cigar.  There are less than 100 boxes made annually to guarantee superiority. This masterfully created cigar is hard to get ahold of, but aficionados all state that the wait is worth the experience.

The pre-light examination is impressive. There is not a single blemish on the smooth Ecuadorian wrapper. It has a nice amount of oil with very few veins and only a little tooth. The white, gold bordered double bands ensure this cigar makes a good impression. A pre-light draw welcomes the smoker to the smell of leather that gains strength towards the foot; the cold-draw welcomes slight hints of balsa. Reviewers have described the reddish brown wrapper as nothing less than perfect. 

The filler is an impressive blend of seven different tobaccos from the Dominican. Each of the handpicked tobacco leaves ages for at least seven years. The blend offers a unique flavor for the cigar without too much dryness or moisture. 

The first-third begins with an earthy flavor reviewers often consider a trademark of Davidoff. The earthiness is similar to slate or mushrooms. It is not overpowering, and it adds to the uniqueness of the cigar. Quickly, the flavor is dominated by the introduction of strong oak notes. The sweetness of raw sugar ties the flavors together nicely. Towards the last of the first-third, slight notes of white pepper arise. The cigar is perfectly balanced, so the need to relight is minimal and the burn is even. 

The transition to the second-third is smooth. About the middle of the second-third, the sweetness turns into a sweet cream flavor that smokers claim is quite tasty. A buttery, toasty note melds nicely with the present flavors of the Davidoff Royal Robusto cigar. The peppery flavors change to more of a spicy sweet cinnamon. The second-third is as stable and balanced as the first-third.

The last third is where some big changes occur in the flavor profile. The core oak flavor remains strong, but the cream fades towards the end. The spice changes drastically to hints of sweet ginger. Reviewers claim that this change is unexpected. The sharp citrus-like bite is shocking at first but quite pleasant and unique in cigars. Towards the end, the smoker is left with notes of cherry on the palate. 

Overall, the Davidoff Royal Robusto is unique and flavorful. The superior construction is an ideal package for the aged tobaccos in this cigar. The availability is limited, however, so smokers can count themselves lucky to find one at a favorite retailer.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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