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Cusano Corojo 97 Cigars are medium strength smokes for experienced palates.Released back in 2004, the Cusano Corojo 97 is a double binder cigar that is produced for aficionados with a seasoned palate. The company’s other offerings are primarily on the lighter side, so this heavier cigar is a departure from the brand’s norm. This stick gets its name from the aged plants used in the wrapper, which were harvested in 1997. It is one of those sticks that’s well known among experienced aficionados, but remains a mainstream wallflower. Most publications that have reviewed this stick have given it extremely positive marks and consider it spicy and on the darker side.


The wrapper in the Cusano Corojo 97 is an Ecuadorian Sungrown Corojo. The binder is a Mexican Sumatran and the filler is from the Dominican. The wrapper is light brown and extremely smooth in appearance. It has just a couple of small veins, and while the seams are visible, they are well done and don’t pose a problem in any way. The label has an interesting, polygonal shape and is silver, black and orange in color. The label is sharp and features the name of the brand and the stick in unique script lettering. The prelight notes are said to consist of some wood, cedar, salt, pepper, and a bit of honey.


The initial third of the cigar brings the wood flavors to the front, though it does not overpower the profile. The pepper is a strong secondary note that regularly asserts itself, especially on the retrohale. About an inch in, a sweet tobacco note joins the wood and pepper. In the background, a number of spicy flavors fill out the profile and add some punch to the smoke.


During the second third of the Cusano Corojo 97, the wood and pepper notes remain the dominant pair until about the halfway mark. At this point, the sweet tobacco flavor takes over, pushing the wood notes into the background. Here, the wood is joined by the spice and a delightful bit of sweet honey. The wood notes all but fade by the end of the second third, leaving the tobacco, spice, pepper and honey left. During the transition into the last third, the tobacco, spice and pepper balance off of each other rather well, with the honey playing a subtle secondary part.


The tobacco and spice notes remained dominant in the final third. The pepper shifts to the back of the palate and retrohale, becoming more subtle near the stogie’s finish. The honey remains though it is only tertiary at this point. The finish leaves a cool, soft nub.


Overall, reviewers stated that this stick was medium to full bodied and medium in strength, making it an ideal after dinner smoke for an experienced aficionado. It has a sharp burn and easy draw, so it ranks well in performance. In general, a stogie doesn’t make it for nearly a decade unless it’s a good one, and this cigar is said to be one of the best.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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