The Cubanacan Mederos Oscuro Cigar Review & InformationThe Cubanacan Mederos Oscuro cigar is a tweak on the original 2009 release, which was the first creation of the company’s founder, Carlos Mederos. Like so many other stogie makers from Cuba, Carlos grew up around tobacco, working with both his father and his grandfather in the craft. However, in the pursuit of establishing a better life for his family, Carlos emigrated to the U.S., a huge decision he made all the way back in 1983. More than 20 years later, he was able to create his own brand and set up a farm and factory in Esteli. So, there’s a lot of history and identity behind this stick, and it does a lovely job of living up to the expectations.

The stogie is produced with an exceptionally dark Oscuro wrapper from Ecuador, a binder from Ecuador, and Nicaraguan fillers. The Cubanacan Mederos Oscuro cigar is so dark it’s nearly purple, with a number of small veins and seams that are well hidden amid the pitch background. The red, black, and stamped gold band glints off of it, and features the name of the stick amid complex, classic ornamentation. There is also a secondary band at the foot that also features the blend’s name in cursive stamped gold. It comes in five sizes, including a 5 x 50, a 5 x 58, a 6 x 50, a 6 1/8 x 52 and a 7 x 50.

The cold draw is subtle, offering cocoa and cedar notes primarily, though some reviewers also detected a hint of molasses. Once the stick is lit up, the profile wakes up and starts in with a combination of black pepper, cedar, and dark chocolate. The black pepper soon moves to the back of the palate and the retrohale, while the cedar takes over the smoke. The dark chocolate remains in the background, and is soon joined by a dried fruit flavor that is closest to cherry.

In the middle third of the Cubanacan Mederos Oscuro cigar, the stick loses some of its sweetness, with the dark chocolate taking on a rich bitterness and the dried cherry shifting to a tertiary role. The cedar is still the strongest note, though a coffee flavor emerges around the halfway point and acts in dominant fashion at times. It eventually slides into the background with the dark chocolate and cherry.

During the final third of the Cubanacan Mederos Oscuro cigar, the flavors remain mostly the same, though the cedar becomes even more intense, and offers a spicy punch that pairs well with the black pepper heat.

Over the years, Carlos has perfected this blend, so it’s no surprise that his Esteli factory is turning them out beautifully rolled. As a result, these medium full smokes produce a sharp burn and relaxed draw. There’s a lot of love and history poured into this blend, and it does its creator proud.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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