Hopz Cigars Hopz cigars were created for one reason and one reason only: to be the perfect complement to an India Pale Ale (IPA). The maker of this unique product tried just about every craft beer and numerous hop blends to try and find the perfect combination. Centennial Hops finally emerged the victor, and, with its strong floral scent, it was used in a fine Dominican Republic cigar. What started out as an idea is now becoming one of the more popular smokes among consumers. Hopz cigars may be perfect for the bar scene and IPA, but it can be enjoyed by anyone and anywhere.

To fully understand what the reasoning behind making this product was, it is important to know about the person who made it. Ted Jackson got a chance to produce a cigar for a very popular bourbon distributor in 1996, and the final product was actually flavored like their bourbon. This, of course, got a lot of attention from everyone that tried this uniquely flavored smoke. After a lot of research and experiments, Ted finally figured out how to add the bourbon taste without destroying everything else about the product. It was discovered later that if it was enclosed in a glass container, that it would preserve the flavor much better. This process has become a trademark for all of his products, including the Hopz cigars.

Late one night, Ted was at the tail end of a very long business meeting at a local bar. He was drinking IPA, which is the drink of choice for him, when he thought to himself that it is possible to create the perfect accomplice to the drink. After thinking about it all night, he began the journey of finding the perfect tobacco, hops, and wrapper for Hopz cigars.

Just because this product is a good idea, doesn’t mean that consumers automatically loved it. Each of the creator’s tobacco products is handmade, which means extra care and attention was spent on each one. Presentation is everything in almost any market. Consumers must like the way a product looks before they purchase and use it. Entombed inside of a glass container lies a very unique item. It is wrapped in a Cameroon wrapper and rolled tightly. It has very few veins, but they are smoothed out. It has the traditional rustic brown look to it that invites consumers to put a lighter to it. Since it was enclosed in the glass tube, consumers get hit with a strong floral aroma that comes from the special hops used. When it is first lit, Hopz cigars have a definitive floral taste with a sweet undertone. Towards the middle of it, the taste of cedar and flowers come to the forefront.

Combining an IPA adds a whole other dimension to the flavors of this product. Other cigars are meant to go with Scotch and Brandy, but this goes perfectly with craft beers. The multiple flavors of the tobacco and hops are greatly enhanced when mixed with the consumer’s favorite drink. In the future, this product will be in bars everywhere opposite of a nice cold glass of craft beer.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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