The Cohiba Luxury Selection Cigar Information & ReviewThe first thing that jumps out from the Cohiba Luxury Selection is its price; it’s an ultra-premium stick. The second thing that will jump out is the packaging. Each stick gets its own acrylic coffin to rest in, and it’s a modern looking choice to be sure. Debuted at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show, it is among the most exclusive offerings available through General Cigar Company and is another sign that the brand is focused on expanding the Cohiba line.


The blend details are largely a secret, and the binder and fillers are only vaguely known. The wrapper, though, is another story. The Cohiba Luxury Selection is produced with a Cameroon Meerapfel African Gold tobacco, one of the rarest in the world. It’s taken from Kadei, an African forest, grown by the Meerapfels, which have been cultivating tobacco for more than 100 years, and is then aged five years once harvested. The wrapper is near flawless, with only a couple faint seams visible. The silver and gold band features the name of the blend and has a sharp, modern look to it. The stick is only available in a single size, a 7 1/4 x 52 Double Corona; the LS No. 1.

The cold draw is simple but contains some strong citrus spice and natural tobacco flavors, so it can perk a smoker up. The initial third goes away from the cold draw, starting off with a combination of wood, lemon, red pepper and salt flavors. Before long, the salt drops out altogether, leaving the lemon and wood notes in the dominant role. The lemon bounces back and forth between sweet and acidic, a pattern that will continue through the entire smoke.

During the middle third of the Cohiba Luxury Selection cigar, the lemon note makes its move, transitioning into a dominant role and switching from acidic to sweet, and back again. The wood notes morph into earthy flavors before long, and they join the lemon in the lead position. The red pepper, which has been most apparent on the retrohale to this point, is a strong secondary flavor.

In the final third of the Cohiba Luxury Selection cigar, the lemon sweetens up and drops the acid
. The earth flavor is more noticeable in this part of the stick, and in the last couple inches, overtakes the lemon flavor. It is soon joined by the red pepper flavor, and they both push the lemon into the background. This is how the cigar ends off.

It’s a medium stick that has a flawless construction, so no burn or draw issues
. And though it is certainly on the pricier side, it has the flavors and unique composition to make it a memorable experience for an aficionado.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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