The Cohiba Comador is just now attaining widespread attention among aficionados, even though its initial launch was in late 2013. The reason it has managed to stay under the radar is because it was only available through a select group of exclusive clubs and retailers. Now, it is available to consumers everywhere, and it carries a name that most people will recognize: Shawn “Jay Z” Carter. The world famous musician has long been a devout cigar aficionado, and his collaboration with General Cigar Company has brought this blend to life. With its luxurious branding and flavor mix, it’s clear that this stick has been influenced by the man himself.

The blend is put together by General Cigar Company’s Master Blender group and contains nothing but proprietary tobaccos, a rarity in the industry. The blend is largely a secret, though its wrapper is a Connecticut Grown Havana Seed leaf. All of the blend’s plants, the Connecticut wrapper included, are aged for four years in a process that is unique to General Cigar Company. The last year of the aging process takes place in a collection of rum barrels from the Dominican. As for its appearance, the Cohiba Comador is the color of coffee, though it is streaked with a darker brown as well. The band is silver and black and features the name of the blend in clean, bold type. It is available in three vitolas, including Toro (6 x 52), Gigante (6 x 60) and Double Corona (7 1/4 x 54). Reviewers noted cocoa, leather and mint flavors on the cold draw.

The first-third of the cigar launches with a surge of black pepper that soon dials back a bit. Once it does a combination of cocoa and leather flavors take hold. Some also detected the presence of a savory “au jus” taste that provided a lot of complexity to the smoke. The leather and cocoa maintain a dominant stance throughout the initial third, with the au jus flavor in the background and the black pepper pushed to the retrohale. 

During the start of the second-third, the leather flavor fades out while the cocoa note develops into something akin to mocha. The au jus and black pepper flavors remain in the background throughout this part of the stick, and by the middle of the cigar, the mocha flavor bounces back and forth between chocolate and coffee. 

In the final third of the Cohiba Comador, the black pepper rears its head again and joins the coffee and chocolate flavors in the foreground, leaving the au jus in the background by itself. This pattern remains true until the cigar reaches the nub. 

This is a medium to full smoke and it being a luxury cigar, is made extremely well, with a razor sharp burn and perfect draw. It’s not a cheap cigar by any means, and that’s okay. Sometimes, cigars are about the high life.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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