The Casa Fernandez Corojo cigar is named after Eduardo Fernandez, who is the head of Tabacalera Tropical, a popular Cuban stick company that produces top notch products. This stick is known for its premium wrapper and its interesting flavor profile that is a combination of disparate tastes. Overall, it’s receiving a lot of positive attention and is getting high ratings from several publications.Casa Fernandez Corojo Cigar

The two most popular vitolas for this stick are the Lancero and Torpedo. The Lancero comes in at 7 ½ x 40, and its extra length ensures a long smoke time. Specifically, the Casa Fernandez Corojo cigar lasts around and hour and 40 minutes before giving out, so it is definitely a lengthy experience. The wrapper, binder and filler are all Nicaraguan, though the product is manufactured in Honduras. The wrapper gets special mention because it is an industry and aficionado favorite. It is known as the Aganrosa Coroja 06, and is used for many premium sticks in the industry. It has a coffee brown color to it with some strong red streaks, and has some pronounced veins.

This wrapper can handle a lot of filler, and the Casa Fernandez Corojo cigar is yet another stick that is firmly stuffed with tasty tobacco. The paper has a strong cocoa aroma with pronounced red pepper notes also lacing the wrapper. The initial draw brings out these flavors with some cedar too, and the burn takes readily to the stick.

The first third is a confirmation of the wrapper’s tastes, and consists of strong cocoa, red pepper and cedar notes that form the core of the smoke’s flavor. This is a running theme throughout the product, and though there are some herbs and some vanilla, the cocoa and red pepper are the dominant players. This is the hallmark of the master blender in charge of the filler, Arsenio Ramos. The body and strength are both full, so the Casa Fernandez Corojo cigar is definitely geared toward aficionados and experienced smokers.

The second third is described as being spicier and sweeter, and though the cedar takes a step back, a toast-like flavor becomes more apparent and helps tie the pepper and cocoa together into a cohesive profile. In addition, caramel and more herbs are thrown into the mix, so there is a little of everything for the smoker at this point. Reviewers state that the burn and draw are both still strong at this point, and the ash holds on for a full two inches.

In the final third of the Casa Fernandez Corojo cigar, everything changes. Reviewers stated that the cocoa and red pepper began to fade and a molasses sweetness took up center stage with cedar and nutty tastes. The construction stays immaculate all the way down to the nub, and another interesting feature of this stick is the fact that the smoke that it produces is cool to the touch, and gives it a unique feel that an experienced smoker will appreciate.

These are becoming increasingly rare, so an aficionado would do well to grab some up while they’re available. Although most stated that this was best for the seasoned aficionado, those novices that appreciate a bold and complex offering will find this to be an intriguing offering.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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