Casa Fernandez Aniversario No. 35 Boheme Cigar Reviews OnlineThe Casa Fernandez Aniversario No. 35 Boheme cigar is a celebration of the company’s treasured history and excellent track record of excellent stogies. This stick may initially confuse aficionados because the company no longer uses the name it started with (Tabacalera Tropical). In fact, the current company branding has only been in use for several years. However, Tabacalera Tropical was started in 1978 by Pedro Martin, though it was bought by Fernandez in 2002. With those details out of the way, this stogie is a fine addition to the brand’s portfolio and is at its best when it is allowed to age a bit.

This smoke comes with a Nicaraguan Aganorsa wrapper and Nicaraguan binders and fillers. It is only available in a single vitola (6 x 54) and will only be part of a single limited release which consists of 2,000 boxes of 10 stogies each. Reviewers love the Aganorsa wrapper for its thickness and its soft touch. It is medium brown in appearance and has some slight veining and slight tooth. The stick is double banded, both simple white, black and silver bands that feature the name of the smoke in elegant lettering. The prelight draw produces a number of interesting flavors, including cotton candy, nutmeg, nuts and red wine. It also gives off a pungent aroma of pepper and cocoa.

The initial third of the Casa Fernandez Aniversario No. 35 Boheme cigar creates a mixture of leather, white and black pepper, and some nutmeg. Reviewers found the nutmeg to be strongest on the tongue and while the pepper is a bit intense at first, it soon calms down. By the end of the first-third, the smoke is quite focused in its flavor profile, with a dominant nutty flavor that duels with a powerful floral taste for top billing. There is also some sweetness and a tasty mix of pepper and spice. The nutmeg is still the most noticeable spice on the palate.

During the second-third of the smoke, aficionados found that the flavors held true for the most part. The primary difference is that the floral notes become even stronger, eventually overtaking the nutty flavor in the dominant role. Reviewers also detected a surging taste of fruit that grew stronger past the halfway point. By the end of the second-third, the fruit flavors are bold and varied.

Into the last third of the Casa Fernandez Aniversario No. 35 Boheme cigar, the flavors switch up a bit
. The nutty notes are still present, but reviewers found a cedar flavor to be the dominant actor in this part of the cigar. Some creaminess and an interesting banana taste fill out the rest of the profile and give the stogie some interesting contrast.

Reviewers agreed that the smoke would benefit greatly if allowed to age for a few months. Some of the flavors could use a little more maturity before indulging in them, so this is a perfect choice for a smoker that likes to stash a cigar or three in the humidor.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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