Carlos Torano Casa Torano CigarsCarlos Torano Casa Torano cigars are a unique stick, combining mild tobacco with a full-bodied flavor that is both enticing and alluring. The superior tobaccos are melded together with expertise by people who understand what it takes to create an incredible cigar. This manufacturer is well-known in the tobacco industry for superior, affordable excellence.

The dark, rich wrapper is made from Connecticut broadleaf, and the binder is a Nicaraguan tobacco with a mellow aroma. The Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos that make up the filler are said to be flavorful and earthy. The wrapper is a bit toothy with a few thick veins on its dark, oily surface. This dark coloring is more common with full bodied stogies, but this stick is said to be softer on the palate than most. The pre-light draw is not difficult and elicits a slight sweetness without any strong tobacco flavors.

The initial third has a flavor kick reminiscent of a thick, dense woodsy pasture. There is a mild earthiness and a slight, but noticeable, sweetness. Reviewers stated that the smoke is filled with mild pepper and spice that tingles. Carlos Torano Casa Torano cigars are known for their mocha layers, and the transition to the second third brings this out, with a sweet mocha leaving behind a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Mocha dominates the second third without losing the earthy or peppery notes. The zing is quite nice and helps meld the earthy and mocha flavors together smoothly. Transitioning to the final third is seamless, with only a slight creaminess balancing out the bitterness. The flavors are consistent throughout, but are complex enough to keep reviewers intrigued.

The burn is noted as being relatively even, and the ash holds onto the stick for a respectable length of time. The ash is thick and a healthy gray. The smoke is white, and leaves behind a sweet, earthy aroma that fills the area. Carlos Torano Casa Torano cigars are known for their beautiful construction and flavor blend. It’s an agreeable smoke for people of all preferences and experience levels, and makes a great starter stogie for the newbie.

Not sure what gift to get that someone special or an employee? Try a box of these full-bodied sticks. It’s an exceptional stogie with outstanding flavor that doesn’t bring a harsh tobacco taste. Carlos Torano Casa Torano cigars are packaged in a decorative box that is valued by tobacco enthusiasts, and each box is a keepsake filled with relaxation and enjoyment for the aficionado.

This Torano house blend is an outstanding example of what can be found in a premium stick. The price is fairly low, considering the manufacturer and the flavor profile. Grabbing a box will up the value even more, and make a treasured keepsake.

Want a stick that is good for the new smoker? Carlos Torano Casa Torano cigars fit the bill flawlessly. It’s easy to enjoy the agreeable tobacco flavor profile without being overwhelmed, and the flavorful blend of earthiness and creamy mocha will appeal to the senses. No need to spend a fortune for an exceptional cigar when sticks like these are available.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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