Carlos Brigade CigarsThe Carlos Torano Brigade Cigar is a smoke that manages to be affordable without sacrificing quality. Although generally mellow, the second half escalates to a level of robustness that can be called medium in strength. The Esteli ligero in the filler provides the strength of this smoke. The ligero leaves are ones that receive direct exposure from the sun. This results in a higher nicotine level than other leaves of the plant. Introduced in 2010 as a premium quality bundle for a low price, this offering continues the Torano family tradition of producing exceptional cigars. This smoke contains a blend of tobaccos with a degree of merit that belie its price. The wrapper is from Ecuador, while the binder and filler are cultivated in the Esteli and Pueblo Nuevo regions of Nicaragua.

In construction, it is a well-packed golden brown cigar with a black and gold band that displays the word Brigade. The logo is classy in its simplicity. The first scent and cold draw have both been said to have a hint of spice. That spice does not establish itself as a prominent flavor when lit until well into the smoking experience. In the area of burn quality, reviewers stated that the Carlos Torano Brigade Cigar lights easily and rarely needs to be relit or touched up. Many reviewers praised the evenness of the burn and the thickness of the smoke. Although lacking complexity, this is a smoke experience that is consistent and never bland. Multiple reviews noted that the second half was slightly more spicy than the first, and that the spice fades into a mild tobacco flavor as the finish draws near. Others described the flavor profile as creamy and mentioned a faint suggestion of nuttiness at the end. There are quiet notes of cedar, a hint of coffee and an earthiness that also make appearances on the palate. Although generally considered a strictly mild smoke, some reviewers said that it shifted to medium bodied at its strongest. Although this is not considered a complex blend of flavors, it is smooth and characterized by reviewers as thoroughly enjoyable.

The Carlos Torano Brigade Cigar smoking experience was a surprise and delight for most reviewers. Few people expected it to be so pleasantly flavorful or neatly constructed since each stick is valued at a little under $3.00. Sold in bundles of sixteeen, these smokes provide some of the best value around. The brand hails from Nicaragua and features a balance of flavors that is achieved by the careful blending of specially picked leaves.

The Brigade is provided in four different sizes and ring gauges. These include the Churchill (7 x 48), the Robusto (5 x 52), the Toro (6 x 50) and the Torpedo (6 1/4 x 52).The Carlos Torano Brigade Cigar has been described as mild to medium bodied and smooth. This quality makes it good for smoking at any time of the day.

Multiple reviewers described it as an “everyday” stogie. They felt it was well suited to any time, mood or atmosphere. When on the hunt for a stogie that provides good quality for an easily affordable price, one needs to look no further than the Carlos Torano Brigade Cigar.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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