A Review For The CAO Nasty Nutcracker CigarThe CAO Nasty nutcracker cigar continues a trend that the company started last year with its Angry Santa and Evil Snowman sticks. In 2013, both of these interesting looking smokes were modified versions of the popular La Traviata line. What made them stand out, though, was their gritty, almost comic book like illustrations that graced the bands and boxes. Made to look like dark versions of beloved holiday characters, it was something that aficionados responded to well, and it didn’t hurt that the stogies themselves were well received. In 2014, the company kept it up with the Serious Sam, released for the fourth of July holiday, and now with this blend. It’s a bit different than its forerunners, but it maintains the same stronger profile and excellent construction the other sticks in the line offer.

While previous smokes in the line adapted from the La Traviata blend, the CAO Nasty Nutcracker cigar is taken from the CAO Gold blend. The brand hasn't disclosed the blend specifics, but reviewers believe it has a Connecticut wrapper and some modified binder and filler tobaccos that provide an extra punch. The stick is only available in a single vitola, a 6 1/2 x 52. It is dark tan in color with some noticeable magnesium spots, and a couple pronounced veins and well hidden seams. What is likely to attract the most attention, though, is the band. It is huge, taking up nearly half of the smoke and features a perturbed looking nutcracker that’s chomping down on a stogie of its own. It’s the kind of band a lot of aficionados will want to remove and hold on to. As for the cold draw, it produces a mix of caramel, peanuts, hay, earth and a little white pepper. 

The initial third of the CAO Nasty Nutcracker cigar is heavy on the cream, though it incorporates a nice combination of leather, earth, peanuts, cedar and hay into the profile as well. There is a sweetness that runs through the flavor profile and gives the stick a nice, light taste to it. The cream is the strongest note through the first third, with the cedar and peanuts also presenting strongly. The white pepper is primarily confined to the retrohale.

In the middle third, the white pepper surges on the retrohale, and the profile shifts quite a bit. Now, some nuts, leather, barnyard, grass and coffee flavors make up the bulk of the profile, though some reviewers also detected a little peppermint as well.

The final third of the CAO Nasty Nutcracker cigar goes sweet again, with cream, cedar, and white chocolate producing the strongest notes, though there is also some leather, coffee, and hay left. The smoke continues in this way until the nub, picking up a little strength in the end, but nothing overpowering.

In summary, most reviewers considered the stick to be between mild and medium for the most part, though it reaches a solid medium by the end. The burn and draw impressed everyone, and this, along with its sweet flavors, makes it an ideal holiday treat.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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