An Online Review For The CAO Columbia CigarsThe CAO Columbia cigars are a return, to some extent, to a line of puros produced back in 2008. It was a short-lived release and discontinued once General Cigar Co. acquired the brand. However, it is now back, though there have been a lot of changes to the blend and its construction. It offers up a small bit of nostalgia, on account of it looking similar to the discontinued blend, it tastes and handles like a whole new stick. The initial results are very positive, though, and it seems the company made an effort to shore up some of the previous iteration’s weaknesses and produce a complete smoke. 

The first thing to note is that this stick is not a puro. Instead, it is created with a Honduran wrapper harvested out of the Jamastran Valley, a binder from Cameroon and fillers from Columbia. Also of note is that the CAO Columbia cigars are from Nicaragua at the STG Esteli factory. This is also a departure from the previous version of the blend. The stick is available in four vitolas, comprising of two Robustos (5 x 50 and 5 x 56), Gordo (6 x 60) and Torpedo (6 1/5 x 54). It has a sandy brown appearance, with flecks of light tan coursing around its light brown wrapper. It’s smooth to the touch and only has a few visible veins and seams. The band will be familiar to anyone who smoked the 2008 version of the blend, as it maintains the same look. It’s a red, blue, yellow, black and white band that features the company mark and the name of the blend in stamped gold. The cold draw is extremely interesting, with flavors of oatmeal, pepper, sweetness, sugar, flora and what one reviewer described as orange chicken. 

The first third of the CAO Columbia cigars deviate from the cold draw some, though it presents the oatmeal note along with a collection of sweet grain flavors. There is also some vanilla in the mix and many reviewers pointed out how the flavors made them salivate. Typically, this can be hit or miss, but it was considered a plus with this blend. Eventually, some leather and spice flavors develop in the background, lending an extra bit of complexity to the profile. 

In the middle third of the CAO Columbia cigars, the blend dips into some interesting notes, including wheat, orange peel, sugar cookie and what some reviewers stated was juniper. This mix of flavors holds throughout the second third though the strength ramps up a bit and produces an extra nicotine punch.

During the final third of the CAO Columbia cigars, the sweet grain flavors are still the dominant mark, though the leather, orange, and some cocoa notes provide some extra facets to the profile. As the smoke winds down, the grain flavor takes a step back and allows the other notes to shine in the final handful of draws.

Overall, it’s a medium-full blend that creates a lot of interesting flavor mixes. It’s a strong comeback for a stick that appeared to be forgotten after 2008.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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