Camacho Corojo New Blend Gigante Cigars Online SaleWhat makes the Camacho New Corojo cigar blend different from the original?

They are known as a company with a penchant for being adventurous while seeking perfection and never resting on their laurels. Camacho has slowly been redesigning and repackaging their lines in an effort to continue providing an intense smoking experience that leaves aficionados coming back for more. Like all of their lines, the new blend is bold, gutsy, and knocks you for a loop. They took their blend, tweaked it, enhanced it, and created a classic stogie that is intense, rich, and brash. Made from rare, authentic Cuban seeds, originally smuggled out during the country’s revolution, this tobacco is truly a bridge to the heyday of quality, pre-Castro Cuban cigars. The tobacco is grown entirely in the famed Jamastran Valley in Honduras, a region known for producing incredible stogies that aficionados demand. This Puro has been blended for richness and intensity, making it more like the original blend the company first produced in 2000.


Construction: Wrapper, Binder, and Filler

The Camacho New Corojo cigar is simply a good, solid smoke
. The stogie is slick looking with a big, bold red band. They are hand-rolled and very well constructed. Reviewers stated the different priming’s are visible after clipping the cap. The wrapper is made from high grade, fifth priming Corojo tobacco that aficionados describe as having a subtly sweet, malty molasses flavor that tingle the taste buds between draws. The binder is a Ligero, also sourced from the same type of tobacco as the wrapper and filler, which lends a creamy toastiness to the other flavors present. The filler is made with three tobacco priming’s that produce a peppery, woody taste with fruity undertones. It comes in seven different shapes and sizes: Corona (5 ½ x 44), Churchill (7 x 48), Figurado (6 ⅛ x 42/54), Gigante (6 ½ x 54), Robusto (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 50), and the Robusto Tubos (5 x 50).

The Smoking Experience

The smoking experience is one to be savored and taken slowly. The Camacho New Corojo cigar is not a stogie you speed through, it is to be appreciated and relished. Reviewers remarked that they had the perfect balance of great draws with not too much resistance and not too little. It has great smoke production with an even burn line, and firm ash. The first-third is full of masculine flavors of cedar and leather balanced with notes of tea and malty molasses. Aficionados described this part of the stogie as extremely intense and heavy, and a good reminder to take it slow. The second-third was full of dense smoke and fragrant notes of pepper, heightened by the cedar and tobacco flavors. As the second-third winds down, the flavors mellow into the smooth, earthy spiciness of nutmeg. The last third wraps you in a velvety luxuriousness. The balance of spicy nutmeg, creamy molasses, and a woody, oak flavor will elicit sensations of a cool, autumn night by the fireplace.  

Why should you buy the Camacho New Corojo cigar? It is a more refined, authentic version of its original self. It is a quality blend of tobacco that is full-bodied and not for the faint of heart. It is like a fine whiskey or rum, aged to perfection, and meant to be savored to the last bit. For Camacho, the New Corojo cigar is a bold, intense smoke reminiscent of the pre-Castro Cubans. Though the company is always looking for ways to improve their brands, their goal is always to create the nostalgia of Cuban’s famed cigars.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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