The Camacho Double Shock Cigar Has A Unique Look & Bold TasteOf all of the company’s new look cigars, the Camacho Double Shock may be the most unique looking of them all. Owing to its namesake, these smokes come in pairs and resemble barbershop pole style, with two wrappers overlapping each other to produce a stark look. The brand’s new focus on everything bold makes its mark with this stick, from packaging to a bold, powerful blend. These are meant to be an experience that lasts even after the stogie has gone out.

The Camacho Double Shock has an Ecuadorian Habano and Mexican San Andreas wrapper combination, with a Criollo binder and Dominican, Honduran and Pennsylvanian fillers rounding it out. It is available in Robusto (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 50), Figurado (6 x 54), Gordo (6 x 60) and Churchill (7 x 48). The visual contrast between the two wrappers is noticeable and looks like a combination of milk and dark chocolates. The wrap holding the two cigars together features the company’s iconic scorpion, but with an ingenious twist. This scorpion as two tails instead of one, yet another comment on the cigar’s motif. Each cigar has its own band as well, which shows off a letter “D” and “S” in embossed red and black ink. The pre-light notes on both smokes are the same, which consists of a sugary sweetness and some slight spice.

Upon lighting, the first draws on the cigar consist of some cocoa, earth and cedar flavors. The cocoa and cedar standout more than the earth notes, but all three are noticeable. As the cigar transitions into the meat of the initial third, the sweetness drops out and is replaced by some stronger earth and cocoa flavors. This sweetness returns near the end of the first-third but is secondary at this point. 

The sweetness, cedar and cocoa flavors of the Camacho Double Shock fade out gradually during the middle third until the halfway mark, where they disappear altogether. At this point, the profile consists of some dark spicy earth notes and a flavor that reviewers likened to raw carrots.

In the final third, the profile holds the strong earth tones and brings in some dominant cedar spice notes as well. At this point of the stick, the profile ramps up in strength quite a bit making it strong even for aficionados who are used to strong smokes. The blend finishes off with some punchy cedar notes that offer a kick before the cigar goes out. 

This smoke is decidedly full-bodied and is likely one of the strongest blends out there now. Smokers are often concerned with how barber pole cigars will perform, but this one holds up well throughout the stick. Altogether, it is a blend that’s sure to stick in aficionados’ heads for quite a while.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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