Buy Bloodline Habano Cigars In The Stocky Cigar Format OnlineThe Bloodline Habano cigars are also known as the O.P.A., named after three of the most important families (Olivia, Perez, and Agansora) in the tobacco industry. It sets the tone right away for what an aficionado can expect upon lighting the stick, but it’s not the only unique mark that Micah Johnson has infused into his launch release. The stick is also made with a special process that softens the flavors some and gives the smoke a different feel. It’s the kind of manufacturing process that only a newcomer would consider, and like many people jumping into the manufacturing side, Johnson has cut his teeth as a retailer.

The Bloodline Habano cigars are produced with a Rosado wrapper and a number of Nicaraguan tobaccos. It’s honestly not much to look at, with a medium brown color and smooth appearance. It’s not ugly or rough or poorly built; it’s just workmanlike. The orange, maroon, gold and white band is pretty to look at, and there is a secondary band near the foot that’s a nice strip of ribbon. The stick comes in five formats, including Lineage (5 x 50), Vestage (6 x 54), Stocky (6 x 60), Stemma (6 1/2 x 44) and Prodgeny (7 x56). The cold draw consists of some cedar and floral notes, with a slightly sweet edge that gives the smoke a gentle quality.

Of note is the special process Johnson uses in these sticks. Known as soft crushing, it’s a slow process in which the leaves are pressed down gently soon after harvest. The pressure pushes the oils inside the leaves into the veins and to the tips of the leaves. Soft crushing tends to mellow out the flavors a bit and also has a tendency to make the stick more aromatic. Because the leaves are less harsh, Johnson can roll additional Ligero into the blend, and the company claims that this smoke comes with an eye-popping 75 percent concentration of Ligero leaves.

Back to the flavors. The Bloodline Habano cigars are marked by their floral notes, which are closest to rose in flavor. The initial third is dominated by the rose and cedar, with some coffee and natural tobacco filling out the background. During the second third, the rose remains a primary flavor but is joined by the tobacco up front while the cedar, coffee, and light earth notes provide an extra range of flavor. In the final third, the cedar surges again, and some black pepper shows up to give the profile some spice and heat. The rose is the only other note that stands out at this point, and the profile continues this way until it nubs out.

The stick is medium throughout, and its burn and draw is just like its construction – just solid all around
. In all, it’s an inventive stick that plays with the standard formula a bit, and actually succeeds in the process.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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