The Bloodline Habano Cigar Review And InformationThe Bloodline Habano Cigar, a product now carried under the Esteban Carreras name, is a medium full-bodied stick that is brimming with many different flavor accents. The stogie has a soft box press, something that’s especially different given the past of overly sturdy vitola products that the company is known for. Interestingly, the company uses a proprietary method of rendering the leaves that make up the stick called ‘soft crush.' Reviewers have remarked that this soft crush gives the stogie a somewhat soft feel in the hand, as well as a rather soft bunch towards the head of the stick.

The tobacco comes from the Oliva family in Tampa, Florida, a renowned establishment for supplying high-quality tobacco to a variety of different productions. In addition, this stogie is in the line of O.P.A. products that are manufactured in Nicaragua. The Bloodline Habano Cigar follows a long line of esteemed stogies and comes bound in the eye-catching orange wrapper that displays the titular name. The blood and orange colors aren’t the only things unique to this product. The band near the foot of the stick is made of a ribbon material, rather than the typical paper.

The pre-draw has been described as being especially floral; almost perfume like. The aroma shares in the same floral accents, and while the cigar opens up with floral tones as well, it begins to open up to a wide variety of different flavors. The first third of the stogie introduces various spice and wood notes though these have been remarked as being relatively light when compared to the floral tones. The burn holds solid while the draw has been described as being on the looser side.

The Bloodline Habano Cigar flavors throughout the draw have some comparing the floral aromas to potpourri. This shouldn’t be so surprising, seeing as Esteban Carreras uses the same ‘soft crush’ technique to create a tobacco-based perfume. As such, many reviewers have been pleasantly surprised at this particular stogie, heralding it for trying many new things, rather than rehashing the same old blend and spices of its competitors. Pleasant jasmine-like spices and a ginger tone round out the first half of the stick, while others have tasted a distinct white pepper. Reviewers agree that these spices do well to accent the overall floral-based flavor profile of the stick, while also making note that none of the flavors overpower the experience.

The second half of the Bloodline Habano Cigar has an increase of floral, but certainly distinct, notes. While other stogies may lend themselves to a harsh burn or strong wood flavors, this particular stick holds the distinction of being rather sweet thanks to the floral construction. The ‘soft crush’ shines in this product though some reviewers have said that the stogie burns a bit quicker than others because of this type of build. The finish leaves delightfully lingering sweet and floral notes, bringing to close a truly unique product in the Esteban Carreras line of cigars.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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