The Black Label Redemption Cigar Is One Of Many Short Batch ReleasesThe Black Label Redemption is one of several short batch releases produced by the Black Label Trading, one of the newest boutiques in the industry. The brand’s creator, James Brown, is a long-time admirer of tobacco and cigars, but has only recently entered the business side. Until recently, he was a tour guide showing people around Central America, often on high octane, adventurous trips. This boldness is in his blends, which combine punchy flavors and strong tobaccos.

This stick is a Nicaraguan Puro and made with an Aged Maduro, so it is a dark looking cigar with some tooth. It has a rustic appearance with a bit of oil as well, making for an imposing stick. It has two bands, the first an oversized band with a crowned skull and a lot of filigree designs. The secondary band is near the foot and features the name of the stick in old world type. Both are stark black and white, and with the dark color of the cigar, it has a strong monochromatic appearance. Like most of the brand’s cigars, the Black Label Redemption is only available in a couple vitolas, a Robusto (5 x 54), Toro (6 x 52) and Gran Toro (6 x 60).  Reviewers noticed several flavors, including chalk, coffee, dried fruit, earth and cocoa after cutting and sampling the cold draw.

The initial third of the stick begins with a surge of red pepper, and it hangs around longer than normal. Along with it are some cocoa, cedar, and coffee notes, though the red pepper remains the most noticeable. Some reviewer also detected a strong undercurrent of oak and sweet flavors, making for a varied profile.  Ending the first third, a creaminess takes hold along with a powerful lemon zest flavor that is only secondary to the red pepper. 

In the middle third of the cigar, the profile makes some significant shifts, including adding a floral note that dances around a bit. The cream and cocoa also ramp up in intensity, and one reviewer compared the profile to chocolate turtle candy, in that there is a noticeable sweet chocolate and toffee mix in the blend. Nuttiness is also apparent and is most similar to pecan. 

During the last third of the Black Label Redemption, the flavors mostly hold, though some fruitiness adds to the profile. Most reviewers described it as close to black cherry. A few also noted a toasted note that has a yeasty taste to it. The impressive range of flavors fills out a sweet and savory combination that is executed to its fullest extent.

Overall, the stick is medium-full, though it is much closer to full than medium. And though it has a rustic appearance, it performs much better than it looks, offering a superb burn and draw. It’s a fine freshman effort from a small boutique with big ambitions.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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