Buy Stinky Cigar Ashtrays OnlineThe famous Stinky cigar ashtrays are an absolute must have for a real belvedere smoker. With the unique design and size, you will notice that you and your friends can smoke all evening and leave a substantial amount of debris without you having to worry about stopping to dump the ashtray. They have been designed for the serious cigar aficionado. They are very popular in online cigar shops, and all you have to do is search for your favorite store and order them to be shipped right to your front door. That is a great way to avoid the hustle and bustle, not to mention a great way to save gas.

The feedback that has been shared by aficionados around the world have absolutely raved about both the size, and the design of Stinky cigar ashtrays. Regular and traditional ashtrays will always fail the cigar enthusiast, simply because they are not deep enough. They also do not come equipped with the stirrups made for larger and wider sticks. When a cigar is allowed to touch the debris in the ashtray, it contaminates the flavor, and ultimately the enjoyment of the stick. The stirrups have to be the correct length, width and curve to work in conjunction with the cigar and the ashtray. For example, if the stirrups are too short, there is the possibility that the stick will fall into the debris, like cellophane or another lit cigar. It could also fall out, and then you face the possibility of it rolling onto the carpet. So you will notice that the stirrups are a very important part of Stinky cigar ashtrays. Each stirrup is approximately just under two inches long, and only one inch wide, allowing it to accommodate larger cigars. The length is crucial for keeping your favorite stick in place.

“Stinky” got his name when he started coming home after smoking belvedere's with his buddies. He would enter his house smelling with the familiar odor, and his wife coined the nickname for him. He created the very first Stinky cigar ashtray out of need at their weekly meet ups, because they certainly needed something bigger and deeper to be able to hold their precious sticks. The first prototype he made was from a second hand silver bowl, and in January 2004 he took three souvenir coins to a mechanic shop and had them welded to the rim of the silver bowl, hence, the first of the Stinky cigar ashtrays! His buddies loved it so much they kept after him to make them one for their own personal use. After a close call with the first production being too thin and light, the companies finally produced the exact one he wanted and dreamed of, and it was heavy and thick.

All experienced and novice cigar smokers love Stinky cigar ashtrays because of the width and the thickness of the metal, and of course, the perfect stirrups so you can easily rest your stogie on the side. This makes it nice to let it rest for a moment while you take a drink of your favorite brandy. This is truly an ashtray for the serious cigar smoker.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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