A Review Of The BG Meyer Slackers Cigars Under CamachoThe BG Meyer Slackers cigars are the second entry into screenwriter Rob Weiss’s brand, a brand that falls under the Camacho name. Camacho recently went all out with a major rebranding effort, going for a much bolder look and feel than it had executed previously. Rob Weiss is one of the three members of Camacho’s “Board of the Bold,” even though this blend is a departure from Camacho’s recent offerings. That’s not a bad thing, though, as there was a gap that needed filling on the mild stogie front. And this one delivers in a big way, seeing how its development was by Davidoff’s master blender Henke Kelner. 

Right away, it’s clear that the BG Meyer Slackers cigars are aiming for a particular style of stick. They are packaged in a tin and compact enough for easy transporting and smoking. With a single 4x48 Short Churchill vitola on offer, they are intended to be enjoyed on the go. Each one is wrapped with an Ecuadorian Connecticut, bound with a Dominican Republic and filled with a Dominican Republic as well. The stick is a dark tan color and has a smooth appearance though there are a couple of visible veins. The band is gold, teal and white and features an interlocked “B,” “G” and “M” in elegant gold type. The cold draw has the distinct barnyard notes that Kelner is famous for, along with a buttery flavor that is reminiscent of buttered toast.

The initial third of the BG Meyer Slackers cigars brings the buttered toast flavor to the palate, and this note dominates the profile for the first inch or so. The finish begins with a little barnyard, but this soon transitions to a slightly damp earth flavor. And the damp earth changes again before long, morphing into a sweet butterscotch note that gives the stick a delectable, rich flavor. 

During the second third of the BG Meyer Slackers cigars, the butterscotch moves from its secondary position in the dominant role. The stogie draws much of its flavor off of this note alone, as it provides a nuanced buttery finish. The toast notes are still present, but they are only present at times and in a secondary role. Around the middle of the stick, the toasted flavor is joined by some more earth flavors though these are lighter than before. 

The home stretch of the smoke sees the earth notes asserting themselves the strongest though they don’t rule the profile like the butterscotch before them. Instead, they balance well off the additional flavors that include toast, sweetness, and nuts. The stick marches toward the nub in this fashion, ending off with a smooth finish.

Kelner’s blend is mild all the way through though it provides a nice amount of complexity and nuance for a lighter stick. Aficionados who have wanted to try the new Camacho but have been turned off by the bolder blends will find the perfect entry point with the BG Meyer Slackers cigars.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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