The best gift basket options for any particular cigar smoking recipient are going to depend quite a bit on the likes and dislikes of that recipient. If the present is going to be of a personal nature between friends, it would be easier for the sender to help personalize the present by knowing the vitola preferences of the recipient. Sometimes, though, there are reasons to send corporate presents, and in that case, there may not be a personal awareness of many, or even any, cigar preferences. In these cases, it can be beneficial to have developed some more general ideas for what could constitute a best gift basket of this type. 

Now of course, it cannot be said that all men like certain things, and all women like certain other things. However, when it comes to developing corporate present giving options, it might come down to needing to narrow the market in this way. The company might have a little bit better chance of presenting something that might be considered the best gift basket of tobacco products to each person individually than if they were all completely generic options. Clearly, if the business is involved in any particular field and the recipient is a customer, there is a good chance that they know some things that would be especially appreciated. A vineyard, for example, would tend to expect that their main customers could appreciate a present of a fine bottle of wine. While there is of course a chance in that situation that the recipient does not personally drink, it is probably fairly unlikely, and even if it is the case, the person can probably still appreciate the thought behind the gift.

Similarly, if someone at the company happens to know that the recipient is a cigar aficionado that truly appreciates a good smoke, the best gift basket for this gentleman might include a brandy snifter and a couple of premium cigars. While there are probably stock presents a company could choose as the corporate gifts for this type of idea, there is a greater chance of higher levels of appreciation if there is a little more thought and personalization involved. In this type of scenario the sales representative just may be able to give some valuable insight as to the recipient’s favored smokes. Just think of how much more well received the gift might be when that personal attention to detail is shining through.

As with any other present, the best gift basket with stogies is most likely going to be one in which quite a bit of thought was involved as part of the scenario. It does not take much more time or effort to choose items that will truly reflect the individuals the company is trying to recognize, and it will likely carry a great deal more weight in the estimation of the present by the recipient. No matter what the contents of the basket are going to be, it is worthwhile to invest a little bit more effort into the presentation and preparation in order to make the recipient feel fully appreciated this holiday season.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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