The Best Electronic Cigarettes Have Common Traits that Improve Reliability.There are many alternative smoking devices on the market, but the best electronic cigarettes have a number of factors in common that set them apart. This industry is young, but there are already a large number of products to choose from. Marketing and branding have placed a few devices front and center, but these aren’t always the most reliable, versatile or cost effective products a smoker could choose. Also, pricing differences are only loosely based on the quality of materials in the device, and some of the more expensive models are only marked up because of their branding.

The best electronic cigarettes have to be reliable, and this seems to be the most important trait to a consumer. The battery must last long enough to handle several hundred puffs, the atomizer must release a steady amount of vapor, and the flavored liquid or cartridge must produce steady flavor that doesn’t over or underwhelm the user. Getting all of these electronic cigarette components to work right all of the time requires strong manufacturing, which is something the industry lacks in spots. Devices that use disposable cartridges may be more convenient, as they can be switched out at a moment’s notice and don’t need to be cleaned, but they are more likely to be defective right out of the box. It’s not uncommon for a user to get a malfunctioning cartridge in every few boxes he or she buys. Most experts believe that as the industry ages and refines its design and manufacturing, this issue will start to disappear. Because of this, most of the best electronic cigarettes use flavoring mixed into a liquid solution instead. This solution produces more consistent performance, and is easy to refill.

The only drawback to using a solution instead is that if it is allowed to sit in the reservoir for a while, it will leave residue that can affect the taste of the vapor. This can easily be prevented with regular cleaning and maintenance of the device. In addition to reliability, the device needs to be versatile to accommodate any kind of smoker. The best electronic cigarettes will offer a wide selection of nicotine levels and provide a variety of flavors.  These nicotine settings can range from no nicotine at all, which is targeted to people who have quit but enjoy the taste that smoking offers but prefer no nicotine, to extra heavy, which mimics the strongest traditional cigarettes available. There should be a number of nicotine levels between these two extremes as well.

In addition to the nicotine settings, the best electronic cigarettes will have plenty of flavors on tap. All models will have one or several tobacco flavors available, but some companies also have menthol, vanilla, chocolate, various citrus and fruit tastes and coffee, just to get started. Most models are compatible with around six to eight flavors, but some devices come with dozens.

Customer service should also be considered when selecting a device. Over time, as the device begins to show wear and tear and requires service, a smoker needs to know that the company will be available to help. To ensure this, it is important to choose a model that is supported by an established company in the industry, as they will be more likely to be around for support in the future.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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