The Best Electronic Cigarette Is a Sum of Its Parts - Cartomizer, Battery Life, and Price.The best electronic cigarette produced today has certain characteristics that outperform competing models.  One key is that more highly rated devices utilize cartomizer systems.  A cartomizer system combines the atomizer and cartridge into one unit.  Atomizers can convert the liquid in each unit into a spray. Each new cartridge has a new atomizer.

Another factor that should be considered includes the life of the battery.  Units that offer a longer battery life will save money in the long run.  Charging cases are also available with the best electronic cigarette. These devices are able to retain a longer life with these chargers.

One previous issue with some earlier units was the unfortunate circumstance of the unit turning on while tucked away in a pocket.   Newer versions have more seamless designs that prevent this from occurring. In the past, when a button was accidentally turned on, fluid was wasted, causing more expense. New designs have been created to prevent this mishap.

Simplicity of design is also paramount.   Higher end units today are much more compact and easier to use.  These units should also come with a money back guarantee.   The consumer should feel comfortable to return any product that may have issues.  This is another benefit for the best electronic cigarette on the market.

Keep in mind, however, that even with all of these distinctions; one size does not always fit all. In today’s market place, there are many stick option styles, from pen to mini.  It is important to consider the unique aspects of each.  Preferred nicotine levels should also be considered by the buyer.  These levels can range from mild to bold.   

The flavor of the stick should also be taken into consideration.   Many sticks that are higher quality will have a plethora of flavors available for purchase.  These can range from nicotine, cherry and vanilla just to name a few.

As with most purchases, the price should be reviewed carefully.  Oftentimes, the consumer should expect to pay a little more for the best electronic cigarette on the market.  Many consumers often do not want to sacrifice quality.  A less expensive unit can be found, but it may not be as reliable as a more advanced model.

Those that switch from traditional smoking products are often looking for n experience with a similar taste and feel.  Companies that manufacture these electronic units work very hard to make the product appear very similar to the original tobacco stick.  In this vain, the LED tip should mimic that of a real flame.  The size and texture should also mimic that of an original stick.

Lastly, quality of service is quite vital.  Consumers should utilize a company that has been researched and well reviewed. It is imperative to stay away from anything that sounds too good to be true.  Buyer beware should always be considered in these situations. Flashy advertisements and so-called deals can often be a mask for a cheap product.  The consumer should be looking for a reputable company that provides quality and a great value for the price.  Finding the best electronic cigarette is quite possible with a little research beforehand.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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