Vapor Gen One Of The best E Cigarettes On The Market!There are many alternative smoking devices available on the market, and finding the best e cigarette can be tough for someone looking for their first model. Reliability, ease of use, versatility and price should all be present in any device a smoker decides to buy. There are few models that can offer all of these in one package, but the Vapor Gen manages to do so. While some manufacturers sell their products using aggressive marketing and flashy branding, this device is targeted to users who just want a pleasant smoking experience without all of the slick advertising.Vapor Gen E Cig Flavored Liquid

The industry is fairly new and has only been around for a few years in the U.S., so a smoker needs to look around to find the best e cigarette. Many small companies provide superior products that are unnoticed by many because they don’t have the force of marketing behind them. However, just because a device is featured in ads doesn’t mean it is the right choice. A product that is designed well will have a long battery life, consistent performance and will be compatible with a large number of flavors.

These devices come in two designs, and how reliable they are depends on which form factor they have built in. Two-piece designs consist of a rechargeable battery and a disposable cartomizer, or atomizer and flavor cartridge combination. Three-piece designs consist of a rechargeable battery, an atomizer and an e-liquid reservoir for the flavoring. The best e cigarette will come in a three-piece design, because these are considered more reliable and typically offer better performance. Disposable atomizers are typically inferior to reusable versions and don’t heat liquid as consistently. There is also a concern among users that disposable cartridges are more likely to be defective. Models like the Vapor Gen don’t suffer from these occasional flaws and create a steady stream of vapor for the smoker. A smoker should expect hundreds of puffs from each charge of the battery. The battery should withstand many charges before it needs to be replaced. The most reliable models will therefore deliver thousands of puffs over the lifetime of the battery. As long as it is well maintained, the Vapor Gen will offer months of reliable performance before a new battery needs to be purchased.

This device is also easy to use and only requires basic maintenance. Reusable atomizers and flavor reservoirs can gather residue if they are not cleaned regularly, but this is a simple process. The Vapor Gen only requires gentle cleaning to clear any residue. The reservoir can also be disposed of and replaced when it starts showing signs of wear. In effect, this model combines all of the best traits an e cigarette can have.

Versatile flavor compatibility is also important, because each model is only usable with a certain design of cartridge. While there are universal adapters and blank cartridges available, sticking to the product’s proprietary flavorings will ensure quality flavor delivery. Some manufacturers only release a handful of flavors with their devices, but the best e cigarette will be compatible with more. The Vapor Gen can be used with around 25 different flavorings, from simple tobacco to exotic tastes like peanut butter or mint ice cream.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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