Davidoff Ashtrays For SaleDavidoff ashtrays are the best of the best of the finest cigar ashtrays out there in the world today. The beautiful and elegant white glaze porcelain Davidoff ashtray with gold trim is a fine accessory to your cigar décor. The brand of Davidoff is renowned and known worldwide for its high quality and well defined standards of excellence. Davidoff porcelain ashtrays are exclusively made by a prestigious manufacturer exclusively for this prestigious cigar company. These lovely accents are hand painted and have classic decorative borders with the signature logo engraved in genuine gold. This cigar ashtray is elegant and manly at the same time making it perfectly useful as well as a handsome addition to any home or business décor where cigars are enjoyed.

The skilled and gifted artisans chosen to craft these products use their unparalleled expertise when designing and creating these items. The construction of these unique and handsome ashtrays is flawless and commands its presence on any table. Made in Germany, these artistic receptacles are a perfect addition as a centerpiece in your boardroom or desk, or maybe in your den at home. A Davidoff ashtray is perfectly accented with a matte gold trim which makes it an exquisite piece of porcelain that you will enjoy showing off to your friends!

Zino Davidoff’s parents also worked in the cigar industry and they left the Ukraine and went to Switzerland. They, and their son, were natives of the Ukraine, but because of the anti-Semitism in Russia at that time, it was best they left. Once settled in Switzerland, Zino’s parents continued in the only work they knew, the cigar industry. To better prepare for the business Zino visited Latin America to observe the tobacco trade and during this journey he encountered his very first Cuban cigar. He was so impressed; he became ultimately responsible for making Dominican labels the number one best selling cigars all over the world! His zealous attention and determination that his line of cigar accessories, especially the ashtrays, be as pleasing to the eye as they were perfectly useful ensured their standing in the cigar industry. The humidors and cigar cutters as well are very stylish and well-constructed.

Serious cigar smokers find the ashtrays made specifically for cigars absolutely have to have larger bowl areas to hold ash and wider lips to securely hold the stogies. Ashtrays have supports that prevent the cigar from slipping into the ashtray and into the ash or worse, into another lit cigar. Each Davidoff ashtray is made from top notch quality materials including porcelain, glass, ceramic, mahogany, steel and chrome. The most popular and most requested ashtray from Davidoff is the porcelain ashtray. Its handsome appearance is coveted by many cigar smokers and is a very good investment for your personal cigar smoking accessories. Crystal specialists Baccarat and Steuben are noted for their crystal creations.

Another wonderful and gratifying use for Davidoff ashtrays is a gift idea for a business colleague or friend who already has everything. Stuffed with other cigar accessories such as a cigar case, cigar cutter, cap, breath spray, etc, make it an elite and perfect gift to someone who loves to smoke stogies and to give them a gift that is as prestigious as your friendship. This elegant ashtray says a lot and is the perfect adornment for any room.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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