Buy CAO Cigar Ashtrays Online CAO ashtrays are inspired by the letter O in the legendary brand logo. It is masculine with an elegant sophistication. It will benefit a serious cigar smoker, as well as a novice, and they are just as much of a visual art piece as they are a functioning tool.

The company's founder, Cano A. Ozgener is what the “O” ashtray represents, with its contoured and ovular basin shape. It was designed to mimic the letter “O” in the CAO logo. Its unique design is a hit among cigar aficionados and novices all around the world. Its patriarch, Ozgener, would be extremely pleased to see his fine creations adorning your den or office desk. Legendary doesn't even come close to describing the father of the company as he had a very fine mind for creation, and that is evident in all his pieces.

The founding surname is Ozgener. The O is a NOW approach in lieu of the more traditional ones. This CAO ashtray is made from beautiful ceramic that adorns a deep bowl and holds up to three cigars at one time. It is perfect for a small gathering of the cigar clan, yet prestigious enough for your friends to “ooh and ahh” over. The price for one of these CAO ashtrays is awesome as well. They are such fun works of art, with the oblong shape that is a vision to behold, and that is no exaggeration. Connoisseurs everywhere will find a perfect place to display this innovative centerpiece, such as on their executive desk, or an antique end table. They have three glorious colors to match any décor you may have in your home or business. The colors include black, red, and green. The entire line of CAO ashtrays holds up to three cigars at once. Their deep set holds keep the stogies where they need to be, not allowing them to fall in. You and your friends can allow your stogies to rest quite artfully between puffs with this modern day necessity. This glossy and fine ceramic creation will bring together the perfect combination of function, form, and art to your smoking experience. It is also quite the conversation piece with your buddies.

These amazing accessories come in an exquisite felt bag with the logo, and the ashtray itself has a rubber foam bottom that will protect any surface it is placed on. This makes it a fabulous gift for anyone that enjoys smoking and would like such a beautifully crafted smoking accessory. Fill a gift basket with any number of handy accessories to make a prestigious gift. These could include cigar cutters, tubes, cigar lighters and torches, breath fresheners, and fragrance lamps, just to name a few. And any of these items would totally amaze the recipient. Any special occasion will do. Give your buddies the gift of fine art and they will be thanking you each time they see you.

You can find your favorite CAO ashtray at your favorite online cigar shop. And with them being so affordable, you can purchase several at one time.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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