Avo XO Cigars For Sale Online!The Avo XO cigar is a respected line in Avo Uvezian’s core collection of products. While Uvezian has received a lot of attention recently for its annual releases, the XO remains a popular blend. Like many Uvezian blends, this stick is suited for smokers who are relatively new to this past time. However, they are also a good choice for aficionados who want a morning smoke that’s easy on the palate. This is a relaxed, sweet stogie that won’t overpower the smoker with extreme doses of nicotine or harshness.

This stogie comes in seven vitolas, including Presto (3 3/4 x 43), Allegro (4 1/2 x 34), Notturno (5 x 42), Serenata (5 3/4 x 38), Preludio (6 x 40), Intermezzo (5 1/2 x 50) and Maestoso (7 x 48). The Notturno, Preludio, Intermezzo and Maestoso tubes are also available. The Avo XO cigar features a Connecticut Seed wrapper grown in Ecuador, and Dominican binders and fillers from the Cibao valley. The Cibao valley is considered by many aficionados to be the best place for growing tobacco in the Dominican Republic.

The Avo XO cigar is light brown and very smooth. There is little veining present and the seams are invisible. The band is gold, black, orange and ivory. It displays the company logo, the letter ‘A’ and ‘V’ interlocked, boldly on an orange background. The name of the stogie is stamped on either side of the logo. On the pre-light draw, reviewers detected cedar, caramel and sweetness.

Reviewers noted that the first third of this cigar echoes the flavors found in the pre-light draw. The dominant taste early on is the cedar, which is sweet instead of spicy. Creamy and nutty notes are also present, though they are secondary at first. For this part of the stick, most of the complexity in flavor comes from the cedar, which slowly changes from sweet to spicy. By the end of the first third, the cedar is close to the traditional cedar spice that most stogies present.

In the second third of the stick, a caramel sweetness emerges and joins the cedar as a dominant taste. The nutty flavor is still present and is joined by coffee and sweet earth notes that balance this part of the smoke well.

During the final third of the Avo XO cigar, the cedar and caramel remain the strongest notes in the profile. The nutty and earth flavors fade out during this part of the stick. Some reviewers also detected dried fruit or cherry, though it remains a secondary flavor. The cedar and caramel switch back and forth for the lead role until the nub, though it finishes off with a little spice.

The Avo XO cigar is a medium bodied stick that is perfect for beginners. Some reviewers stated that the smaller vitolas are a good starting point for someone looking for their first smoke. It is mild in strength and provides a lot of flavor for a stogie that produces a lower level of nicotine. Aficionados looking for an after-dinner stogie will also find this stick to be a good fit. Reviewers give the draw and burn high marks, owing Uvezian’s excellent construction. The draw is easy to handle and the burn line remains sharp throughout the entirety of the smoke.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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