Avo Limited Edition 2013 CigarThe Avo Limited Edition 2013 is this year’s annual special release cigar commemorating Avo Uvezian’s birthday, the founder and namesake of the company. Each year the cigar business puts out an exclusive line of cigars in limited supply that celebrate the founder’s jazz music roots. One year the cigar was artfully made to resemble a trumpet, and another year the packaging was ingeniously made to look like a grand piano. The Avo Limited Edition 2013 edition pays tribute to the founder’s 87th birthday, and features a reusable humidor box that when opened looks like a musical book. As Uvezian is known for his passion in both jazz and cigars, enthusiasts of the legend will enjoy the included flash drive that contains MP3’s of the world-class pianist’s best works.

Uvezian is an Armenian-American born in French-Lebanon in 1926. Born unto a family of musicians, he thus took up the passion at a young age. His mother was known to love singing, and his father conducted a local symphony and composed music. Uvezian went on to be a bit of a prodigy, after an early start being involved in a jazz trio at a young age. He would go on to be the personal pianist of the Shah of Iran for a stint, and eventually would land in the esteemed Julliard School for Performing Arts in New York to study composition and classical piano. Later in life Uvezian, a lifelong appreciator of a good cigar, decided he would try his hand at making his own line. Applying the same attention to detail, knack for quality, and flare for style from his musical career in his new enterprise, Avo brand cigars have been a success, with their limited edition releases being particularly revered by cigar aficionados.

The Avo Limited Edition 2013 cigar has been dubbed the “Dominant 13th” for several clever and symbolic associations. 13 applies to both the year 2013 and the 13th edition within the limited series. Most importantly, the “Dominant 13th” is an intricate jazz chord featured in many of the master’s songs. Known for the complexity of his musical compositions, the Avo Limited Edition 2013 features an equally complex blend of flavors.

The cigar features the brand’s finest tobacco from Ecuador, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. It has a glossy and smooth Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Consistently rated above 90 by critics, many have been amazed at the multifarious flavor combination offered by the cigar. Reviewers have called the special issue hearty, rich, and robust—and at the same time not compromising the smooth medium body. Different flavors become prominent throughout the duration of this complex cigar. Vanilla is present initially, while nuttier and earthier flavors reveal themselves later. Cashews, hazelnut, earth and black pepper all have their distinct aromatic moments in the process.

Much like its brand’s founder, the Avo Limited Edition 2013 “Dominant 13th” cigar finishes on a strong note. When the cigar has reached its midway point, critics have agreed it has just hit its prime. Notes of coffee, pepper, and wood can be detected, and reviewers often describe a meaty, spicy, and leathery palpability to the smoke. The entire experience is accentuated by the excellent construction of the cigar, which ensures a perfect burn line from beginning to end.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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