The Asylum Straight Jacket cigars punctuate what has been a very busy year for Tom Lazuka’s and Christian Eiroa’s brand. Released during the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show, it comes on the heels of the company’s March release, the 13 Ogre. While the 13 Ogre was a visually unique and milder smoke, the brand’s newest blend is one of the fullest on the market and comes with a more traditional look. The blend was put together by Lazuka and Eiroa themselves, but is only available during a short run, so they won’t be around for long.

This stick is a Nicaraguan puro, so all of the tobaccos in the Asylum Straight Jacket cigars are from Nicaragua, including the wrapper and binder
. These stogies are available in four vitolas, including 5 x 50, 6 x 54, 6 x 60 and 7 x 70. Lazuka and Eiroa are both supporters of the large ring gauge movement in the industry, so the brand specializes in bigger smokes. In fact, the brand is currently working on a product that will be available in an 80 ring gauge, which is bigger than nearly every smoke on the market. The wrapper in this stick is medium brown and has some veining to it. The band looks like a Straight jacket sketched in graphite pencils and is red, white and black. The design is eye catching and a little unsettling. The pre-light aromas consist of tobacco, nutmeg and a few other spices reviewers had trouble pinning down.

The first third of the Asylum Straight Jacket cigars hits hard with a lot of powerful spices
. These spices are particularly bold on the retrohale. However, aficionados believed the smoke delivered these flavors smoothly. Secondary notes of toasted wood, cream, leather, red pepper and white pepper round out the rest of the flavor profile. Cigar Reviews also noted that the stick starts out full bodied and stays there.

During the second third of the stogie, the red and white pepper notes are still present, though mostly on the retrohale. The cream flavor asserts itself as the primary flavor in this part of the stick, though it is accompanied by nutty tastes. The nutty notes start secondarily but gradually grow in strength until they are on par with the cream notes. The leather flavor drops out about halfway through the smoke but the toasted wood is still a noticeable flavor.

During the final third of the Asylum Straight Jacket cigars, the cream, nutty, pepper and wood flavors are all developed and allowed to shine. The pepper and cream notes are the strongest, but the nutty and wood flavors help the stogie produce a pleasant aroma. The wood, particularly, is present in the smoke aroma and gives the stick a sweet, cedar-like profile.

Aficionados that enjoy powerful, bold sticks will find a lot to like with the Asylum Straight Jacket cigars. It starts full bodied and full strength and doesn’t let up until the nub. The burn and draw are both considered excellent, especially for a large stick like this one. With of these stogies’ size and strength, most aficionados will need a couple hours at the minimum to get through one of these beasts, so smokers looking for a challenge will be able to test their smoker’s mettle with this stick.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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