Information About The Asylum 50 x 5 Ogre CigarThe Asylum 50 x 5 Ogre cigar is going to get attention wherever it goes, and there’s no doubt that it’s the kind of stick aimed at a particular segment of aficionados. To begin with, it’s a barber pole, but it’s no standard barber pole. One of the tobaccos used in the wrapper is a candela, a tobacco that doesn’t find its way into many blends. It’s also available in a couple truly outrageous vitolas. The boutique has only been around since 2012, which may lead some enthusiasts into dismissing the stogie as a bunch of gimmicks packaged together. However, the blend produces a nice collection of interesting flavors that make it more than just a bold marketing stroke. 

As mentioned, the Asylum 50 x 5 Ogre cigar is produced with two wrappers, a Nicaraguan Habano and a Candela, a Nicaraguan binder and fillers. Other than the wrappers, the blends details have been kept under wraps, for the most part. This is a stick you’ll be able to pick out in any humidor, no matter how many smokes it’s sharing space with. It is a fat, brown and green stogie that has a few medium veins lacing it and a little bit of oil to make it shine. The band is simple, a red, white and black design that shows off the name of the blend. Though this version of the smoke is a standard Robusto, it is also available in a 6 x 60, 7 x 70 and 6 x 80 vitola, which is just about unique in the industry. The cold draw brings out the candela flavors as well, producing some cream, spice, coffee and mint notes.

The first third of the stogie launches with grass and cream flavors, both of which are candela standards. The Maduro’s qualities are also present, with some black pepper and chocolate flavors standing out in the background. Before long, the cream flavor takes charge while the pepper, grass and chocolate notes shuffle into secondary positions. 

During the second third of the Asylum 50 x 5 Ogre cigar, the cream switches places with the black pepper and grass notes, flipping the profile on its head. The chocolate flavor is still present and hangs out in the background, along with a mint note that grows in strength steadily. 

In the final third of the stick, the pepper and grass flavors remain in charge though the mint note has grown in intensity enough to join them in the front. The cream and chocolate produce a sweet pairing in the background, and the smoke finishes off gently.

Surprisingly, the candela and Maduro combination burns well, with the ideal temperature and only a couple touch ups needed to keep the line straight. The draw is superb, as there is plenty of space to draw air through such a fat smoke. At the most, it is a mild-medium and is the kind of stick to relax with which should be easy with such a charming cigar.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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