Art Deco Cigars Made By Nestor Miranda
Pepin Garcia has a new line of smokes to offer and they are Nestor Miranda Art Deco cigars. Using Nicaraguan tobacco is something that he is not normally affiliated with, so this was a break from the norm for the tobacco great. These wonderful smokes are offered in a tin that is as the name describes, and inside are twenty one smokes.

 They are offered in the following sizes:

• Coffee Break / 4.5 x 50

• Robusto Grande / 5.5 x 54

• Gran Toro / 6 x 60

When it comes to the compilation of tobaccos for the Nestor Miranda Art Deco cigar, they have a little of everything to offer. The blend offers up Nicaraguan Corojo, Dominican San Vicente and a binder composed of Dominican Criollo and Nicaraguan Habano. The wrapper is made of Nicaraguan Corojo tobacco leaf and a triple cap. This triple cap gives way to a great triple play of taste and power and capped off with a wonderful aroma. The body of this smoke is that of a medium stick.

Reviewers all offered that these sticks did not show a lot of veins and were quite nice to look at with a dark chocolate colored wrapper. The body of the smoke is very solid. The overall appearance of Nestor Miranda Art Deco cigars is very aesthetically pleasing.

Throughout the smoke from start to finish, there is a leathery and earthy taste that comes and goes but never leaves completely. There is also a very spicy taste that combines many different spices together. This spice is something that sets it apart from other types of tobacco products. It has been noted that the taste of the tobacco comes through quite well with undertone notes of a woodsy taste. There is also the undeniable detection of cloves and a wonderful taste note of coffee that goes well with the spicy sweetness. It finishes with a rather earthy finale. Reviewers all say that this line is something that is worthy of accolades and deserves to be included in and among the finest collections in humidors everywhere.

This offering is made by Miami Cigar and Company. The tobacco products that this company makes are manufactured at the La Aurora Factory in the Dominican Republic. This company has been in existence since 1989. Nestor Miranda Art Deco cigar offerings push the bar higher to offer a wonderful blend of tobaccos that come together to provide a one of a kind smoke.

One reviewer characterized this blend as being a lab experiment that had an end result of complete and utter taste nirvana. The experiment refers to the different blends that were mixed to create a specific formula within the binder and the filler. The percentages of each type of tobacco were exact, and the end result is something that definitely delivers satisfaction, even to the most discerning aficionado.

A Nestor Miranda Art Deco cigar is absolutely one of the gems that have been unveiled by this company. Try them to discover the blend that was formulated for greatness by one of the tobacco industry’s greats.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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