The AJ Fernandez New World Cigar Review & InformationThe AJ Fernandez New World cigar carries the name of the famous master blender, but it has more going for it than just a name. The stick was revealed at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show, and it stands out for a couple reasons. For one, it is a collaboration between the master blender and his father, Ismael. This actually marks the first collaboration between the two, which will probably come across as a surprise to most aficionados. However, Ismael just exited retirement so he hasn’t been working the scene for a while. Also, this blend is rolled into a value stick but offers the quality of a premium smoke.

The name of the AJ Fernandez New World cigar is a reference to the discovery of Cuba by Spanish explorers. Among the wonders they found were natives who would roll tobacco inside palm leaves and smoke it, demonstrating the forerunner to the cigar.

As for this stick, it is made with a dark Nicaraguan wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder and fillers that include tobaccos from Ometepe, Condega, and Esteli. The stick is the color of dark chocolate, and it has some darker marbling along with a rustic look. There are some visible veins, and the seams are noticeable but it all appears to be by design. The band depicts a group of Spanish explorers from that era and looks like a limited edition postage stamp. The cigar is available in four vitolas, including Navegante (5 1/2 x 55), Almirante (5 1/2 x 55), Gobernador (6 1/2 x55) and Virrey (6 x 58).

The cold draw produces earth, spice, and dark chocolate notes, and reviewers were surprised how distinct they were for a value cigar. The first third starts much the same, with the dark chocolate, spice and earth flavors present on the cold draw. The chocolate starts off slightly bitter, but soon transitions to a creamy, smooth taste overall. Both the chocolate and earth notes reign as the supreme flavors in the profile, with the black pepper spice flavor settling down as a clear secondary note. Some reviewers also noted Maduro sweet flavors like black cherry in the background as well.

During the middle third of the AJ Fernandez New World, the Maduro sweetness pushed to the front and is accompanied by the black pepper and earth flavors. The chocolate is more of a secondary flavor at this point.

In the final third of the cigar, the pepper grows in punch and the rest of the flavors share the background
. The stick continues in this way down to the nub, which finishes smoothly.

Although the smoke is a value price, it is rolled spot on, with a burn and draw that work perfectly. It’s a medium-full smoke, though, so it may be too much to handle for an inexperienced enthusiast. Those who can handle its complexity will be glad father and son put their heads together on this one.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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