The Aging Room Small Batch M21 Fortissimo Cigar Review OnlineThe Aging Room small batch M21 is available as a Fortissimo (a Preferido 5 ¾ x 47) cigar that is a 100% Puro Dominican Habano. It got its name from its finalized date (Monday, January 21st), and the vitola term is for its full-bodied strength. When they say small batch, they only produce 3,000 numbered 10-count boxes every year. The naming system is not new as they have used this system in the past for a couple of their other limited-edition brands. 

Originally released in 2013, Aging Room and their M21 Fortissimo cigar was a highly anticipated release. It was crowned best small batch stogie that year, aficionados wait for the annual release of that year’s batch. Why? Because it is that good. It is a beautiful cigar with a cocoa brown wrapper, nearly invisible seams, and simplistic band. The pre-lit aroma coming from the foot is slightly sweet with a hint of nose tingling spice. Reviewers love the tight construction and the pigtail cap. They stated the draw is a little tight, but that is expected from the narrow foot. 

Aficionados love how the Aging Room M21 Fortissimo cigar tastes. The first third begins with a chocolate-covered raisin flavor, but after a few puffs it completely evolves into the promised medium-bodied smoke. Here, the flavor is a smoked nuttiness with hints of pepper that hits the back of the palate. The retrohale is full of spicy citrus and earthiness. A couple of reviewers said the strength is not as noticeable as you end up really focusing on the complexity and intensity of the flavor profile. The second third dials back on the spice and ramps up the sweet. The flavors are chocolaty and nutty with small doses of spice to keep your palate on its toes. Even the retrohale is dominated by chocolate flavors. The final third kicks up the strength even more. Here, the stogie takes on a more full-bodied profile with a spicy, leathery note. The chocolate is still present but has taken a backseat to the more earthy flavors. 

Overall, reviewers have given Aging Room and the M21 Fortissimo cigar a solid nine out of ten. The burn line is not completely even but does not need touching up. Smoke production is prolific. This stogie produces some abundant smoke that is thick and toothsome. The ash is firm and holds up nicely. This is an excellent cigar for experienced smokers and novices looking to transition into more complex, stronger cigars.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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