Cigar Review For The Aging Room Bin No. 1 ReleaseThe Aging Room Bin No. 1 is a new release by a recently rebranded company and a follow-up to the massively successful Quattro F55. About 2 1/2 years ago, the owners of Oliveros Cigars, Hank Bischoff and Rafael Nodal, decided to go in a different direction with their company and turned it into Boutique Blends. Now, the brand focuses more on small batch releases, and it’s a tactic that appears to be paying off big time. Also helping the company is its partnership with Jochi Blanco, the man that oversees Tabacalera La Palma and several farms in the Dominican. This partnership has given Bischoff and Nodal access to excellent, aged tobaccos, some of which make it into this blend. 

The stick has an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and an Aged Cuban Seed Dominican tobacco in both the binder and filler. It comes in three vitolas, each of them named after a musical scale (Nodal plays the piano in his free time). These include B Minor (6 1/8 x 52), C Major (6 1/4 x 54) and G Major (6 1/4 x 63). The Aging Room Bin No. 1 is tightly rolled and smooth to the touch. It’s the color of dark chocolate and has just a few visible veins. Compared to most other cigars, the band on this one is a bit unusual. It sits further down on the stick and is big, taking up about half of the cigar. It is the color of parchment paper and features the name of the blend in red script. There is a second band sitting under this one, and it’s designed to remain on the cigar during smoking. It’s smaller but looks similar to the primary band. The cold draw is light, with some gentle spice, wood and sweet tobacco.

The initial third of the cigar starts off with a sweet tobacco and soon joins a number of spice notes. Eventually, the sweet tobacco splits into two distinct flavors – a natural tobacco note and a sugar cane note. The tobacco and sweet flavors are the principal actors in the first third, with the spice and a vanilla note taking up the background. Some reviewers also detected a combination of red and white pepper on the finish.

In the middle third of the Aging Room Bin No.1, the spice develops into a punchy red pepper note and joins the natural tobacco in the front. Eventually, the natural tobacco fades into the back with the sugar cane and vanilla jumping into a dominant role with the red pepper.

During the final third, the red pepper changes again, becoming black pepper instead. While the natural tobacco fades in this part of the stick, the Aging Room Bin No. 1 provides a nice sweet and spicy mix with the pepper and vanilla dueling for attention.

The Aging Room Bin No. 1 is a medium-full stick, and though the burn requires the occasional touch up, the draw is perfect. In summary, it’s proof that the Quattro F55 was no one hit wonder and that Boutique Blends belongs.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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