Vapor Gen Electronic Cigarette Kit For Sale OnlineBecause there are so many public smoking restrictions in effect nationwide, the versatility of Vapor Gen e-cigarettes makes them a handy alternative. These battery operated smokes can be used anywhere, no matter what laws are in place. The uncomplicated set-up and maintenance, along with its ready to use simplicity makes Vapor Gen e-cigarettes worth experiencing. E Cigarette Liquid Flavored Refill

This smoke is rather basic in construction and performance. A battery is connected to a slim tank of e-liquid. Most of this fluid is water, while a small amount of nicotine and propylene glycol are also present. The latter can be found on the FDA’s Safe Elements List, as it is utilized in both mouthwash and food coloring. Once connected, a button activates an atomizer that heats the mixture. A blue light will illuminate once activation has occurred. The fluid converts into a vapor that can then be inhaled just as easily as when smoking a conventional cigarette. Upon exhaling, the stick produces a cloud of smoke, just like the real thing.

There are a few simple set-up and maintenance steps that users need to be aware of. Right out of the packaging, Vapor Gen e-cigarettes need to be charged for around 45 minutes. This is done by disconnecting the battery from the tank and attaching it to the USB charger. Whether the charger is powered by a computer or a wall outlet, it will charge until a light emits a steady green color. The battery is then detached and reconnected to its place on the liquid tank. It is helpful to charge the battery nightly to guarantee it is ready to go.

Prior to smoking, the tank must be filled with the liquid. The battery must be detached for this procedure as well. The black mouth piece is unscrewed from the holding tank. With a firm grip on the upright tank, the e-liquid is carefully poured inside. The fill line at the 1.6 ml point indicates where to stop. It is imperative that the fluid not penetrate into the metal tube within the tank, as it takes in liquid from the bottom during the vapor production process. Once the process is complete the mouthpiece is returned to its original position.

To maximize the life of Vapor Gen e-cigarettes, it is important to follow the recommended methods for proper care. Keep the tank and battery in an upright position when not in use. Whether attached or not, the battery is designed for this position, and the tank is less likely to leak into the vapor nozzle when vertical. While stored, the best location is a place that sits at 65-75 degrees and away from direct sunshine. For optimal performance, the tank should be changed frequently, and this component is safely disposable. The battery portion is swapped out as needed, so having an extra on hand will keep smokers prepared. As with any electrical device, Vapor Gen e-cigarettes may have the occasional performance issue, but they are typically fixed easily.

This innovative smoke is not only portable and versatile, it is easy to use. These key aspects make it a device for anyone, anywhere. With these, smokers can rest assured that they won’t have to step outside to enjoy what Vapor Gen e-cigarettes have to offer.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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