601 Murcielago CigarWhen looking for a wonderful medium bodied stogie, people are choosing to investigate the line of 601 Murcielago cigars a bit closer. Offering affordability and excellence, these favorites are highly prized and have been praised for their smoothness, offering a complete experience before the first light. Of course, simply hearing how good this stogie is demands some evidence behind that stout claim. But the reviews have said it all – this smoke will not soon be forgotten.

The fabulous wrapper and binder are both from San Andreas, with the filler coming from the lush fields of Nicaragua. The pre-smoke has been stated as being simply wonderful, providing a nice dark color that is striking to the eyes. The red band is as dark as blood and highlights the darkness perfectly. The perfect firmness allows for a smooth, steady smoking experience without a lot of falling ash. First, smelling this rich stogie provides a nice barnyard aroma with hints of cocoa coming off the oily wrapper.

Luckily, the 601 Murcielago cigars are available in sizes that are right for everyone: the Belicoso, the Churchill, the Robusto, the Rothchild, and the Toro. Whether the smoker wants something small or something torpedo size, this stogie was built to please with an even flavor and experience from one size to the next. The final choice comes down to personal preference.

Many have stated that the first third offers up tastes of chocolaty nuts and spicy leather. Reviewers have appreciated the evenness in the transitioning, because the experience is smooth going from the first third to the second third. The second third offers up a creamier chocolate flavor with more of a cedar note. At this point, the stogie is providing a completely unique experience with the ash holding true and burning white.

By the end of the second third, reviewers are noticing the taste of a much darker and richer chocolate and hints of coffee, making 601 Murcielago cigars the perfect espresso stogie anytime of the day. The ash is still holding true and firm. Definitely a must have for any humidor wanting something that will last for a while and remain an affordable favorite.

The final third has a unique change that is fabulous! The dark, rich chocolate not only contained hints of coffee, but toward the last of the final third, the reviewers were surprised by the slightest taste of sweet marshmallow. The spicy leather also rears its head a bit making this a surprisingly delicious stogie for any occasion.

Reviewers have been surprised by the price of 601 Murcielago cigars as well. While not the cheapest in price, these stogies are priced to be more affordable than most people would expect for such a popular stogie. Each size is priced low enough to insure more people find room in their humidors for these deliciously unique smokes.

Finding the words to do the 601 Murcielago cigars justice is not easy. There is not one bad word to speak about these beauties. Those who have experienced it stated that it is even from start to finish, providing subtle surprises each step of the way. Even the price helps insure more people add those positive reviews to the already overwhelmingly popular stogie. 

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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