Tatuaje RC Series Cigars
Tatuaje RC Series cigars are popular amongst many cigar smokers. It is a Nicaraguan Puro, meaning that the filler, the binder and the wrapper is all Nicaraguan. This handcrafted cigar is made from first generation seed in Nicaragua. The 'RC' in the Tatuaje RC Series namesake is short for 'Retro Cuban'. This beautiful perfecto is designed in homage to the foil wrapped Cuban Perfectos of days past.

These Tatuaje RC Series cigars come in a couple of sizes. The 233 is a stout 9 1/8 by 55, while the 184 is a little more modest at 7 1/4 by 57. Both are a little longer than most, but reviewers seem to feel that even with the length, they feel very well balanced with a consistent firmness. The band has the classic logo printed on it with the name of the cigar to the side of it. These cigars are in a limited edition line and will not be on the shelf for long.

The 233 has been said to be on the medium bodied end with rich, earthy, and spicy notes. Once the plastic protector and aluminum foil wrapping is removed from these Tatuaje RC Series cigars, the scents and tastes of the pre-lit draw will give off a sweet black cherry flavoring with a robust hint of coffee. The Nicaraguan Habano wrapper itself has several delicate veins running through it and is slightly oily to the touch. From what reviewers have stated, the first draw is slightly on the tight side ebbing into a near perfectness through the rest of the smoke. The burn was virtually even with a wonderful gray coloring. Although, some stated that the ash itself did not hold well, tending to be slightly flakey. That first third was said to exhibit those mocha coffee notes. As the aficionado enjoys this long lasting stick, they will notice that the initial boldness mellows out. By the final third, the spiciness comes full throttle finishing with that pleasant nutty flavoring.

The smaller Perfecto, the 184 in the Tatuaje RC Series, has the Nicaraguan binder and filler but an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. This cigar also has the same aluminum foil wrapping around the head half as the 233. It, too, comes plastic wrapped to ensure freshness during shipping. Several reviews stated that the cold draw on this stick was a wonderful cedar note with a hint of molasses and a nice bite of chili powder and cumin flavoring. It was stated that the first draw on this cigar gave a nice sweetness with hints of the cedar and cumin notes rolling over the tongue. As the first third moves along, the spiciness will pick up, tingling the palate. Towards the end of that first third, one reviewer was pleasantly surprised by the hint of nutmeg and cinnamon. As the second third hits, the census seems to shift over to a sweet leathery flavoring. All the other notes are subtly in the background, and the smoke turns from full bodied to a nice creamy medium body. This stick finishes off dry on the palate. There is a tinge of coffee that returns along with the nice spices.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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