Cigar: Tatuaje Fausto

Wrapper: Ecuador Habano Maduro Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua Strength: Full

Sizes: FT 127 -5x54, FT 140 – 5.5x52, FT 153 – 6x50, FT 166 – 6.5 x 48, Avion Perfecto – 6.75 x 48/52

Tatuaje Fausto CigarThe highly anticipated release of the Tatuaje Fausto has brought in resounding approval in the reviews. Set to mimic the T110 that was considerably popular a few years ago, the Tatuaje Fausto improves on the experience of its predecessor. Since the size of a cigar contributes significantly towards the overall taste, these produce a slightly different flavor as their sizes vary from the archetype in that they are longer. This cigar comes in four standard sizes and one additional size that will continue on past this production line. The shortest of these, as its name denotes, the F (Fausto) T (Themonuclear) 127, is about 127 mm. The other offerings are a 140mm, 153mm, 166mm, and an Avion vitola.

The appearance and construction of these beauties are as pleasing as the sensation of the smoke that they provide. The Nicaraguan filler is snuggly wrapped in a Nicaraguan binder. The construction is finished off with an Ecuador Habano Maduro wrapper. The appearance of this wrapper is inviting with slight veins that enhance the visually pleasing, deep, enriching cafe brown tones of the Ecuadorian leaf. The feel of this combination is weighty in the hand with a smooth, silky sensation to the touch. The black and red band creates a classic finishing touch to this crafted evening indulgence. Its look is reminiscent of the Dunhill Exclusive from London, which lends a nostalgic ambiance to this masterpiece of tobacco blending.

Developed by Pete Johnson, the Tatuaje Fausto blend has been said to pack a strong spicy flavor. Those who had awaited the release of this type of smoke were not disappointed upon their indulgence in this blend of Jalapa and Esteli Ligeros from Nicaragua. The strong pepper taste of the T110 was present, but in a more pleasing body of flavors. Reviews claim that the pepper flavor is backed magnificently with tones of cocoa or coffee flavor in the first third of the smoke. The depth of the flavors, according to the reviews, was not disappointing. While continuing into the second third of the cigar the peppery tones take a background role to more woody ones that come to the front. Along with these, a leathery tone emerges to take a more prominent position in the taste palate. As the second third melds into the last part, the peppery punch comes back stronger to finish the cigar off with a strong full bodied smoke. Many have reported that one must have a full stomach before enjoying this cigar, yet it is not so strong that it is overpowering.

One other important consideration of the Tatuaje Fausto is the ash that is produced while smoking it. Reviews seem to agree that it is of good to excellent quality and one of the best cigar deals for the type of cigar that it is. This trait is highly influenced by the climate and other weather conditions that are present at the time of consumption. However, this quality adds to the generally pleasing attributes of this artistically constructed product. The smoke is considered moderate by smoking enthusiasts and adequate for an enriching smoking experience.

Overall, reviews are very positive about this new addition to the Tatuaje family of cigars. The appearance and flavor of the Tatuaje Fausto meet and exceed the blend's expected appeal. A superb wrapper surrounding a high quality blend at a reasonable price makes this a wonderful value for the money. Please look thru our selection of fine cigars for the best cigar deals online.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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