Cigar: Tatuaje Cabaiguan                                           Origin: Little Havana

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Shade Grown             Binder: Nicaragua

Nicaragua                                             Strength: Mild to Medium


Tatuaje CabaiguanThe Tatuaje Cabaiguan is a complete surprise if you are a strong-bodied Pete Johnson and Don Pepin Garcia fan; it is a complete departure from their usual fare. In the Cabaiguan, the Nicaraguan binder and filler are encircled by an Ecuadorian Connecticut seed shade grown wrapper which gifts the Cabaiguan with maximum flavor, but toned down strength.

For all, that this cigar is a Pete Johnson Tatuaje cigar; it is named in honor of Don Pepin Garcia’s hometown in Cuba. Johnson opted to fill the Cabaiguan with 100% first generation Cuban-seed filler from Nicaragua—hence that wonderful medium bodied complexity!  

These cigars enchant the palate with the deliciously creamy earthiness of a Nicaraguan puro with just a hint of floral overtones. The Cabaiguan is available in five sizes: the Coronas Extra, the Robustos Extra, the Imperiales, the Belicosos Finos, and the Petite Cabaiguan.

The Cabaiguan has a rich russet color to it, resembling leather or even café au lait. The cigar has no soft spots, and few veins. There is a nice oily sheen, especially near the well placed triple cap. The band is a simple classic that completes the Cuban look of the cigar. In addition to being finely constructed, this cigar is well-packed with nice heft and balance.

The cold draw is exceptional, delivering sweetly spiced notes highlighted with a bit of pecan nuttiness. Once lit, the draw is superior, never burning too loosely. The razor sharp burn of the Cabaiguan is meticulous —it never deviates from its straight line. A medium gray-colored ash that exhibits a bit of flakiness holds on pretty well nonetheless, and the smoke rolls off into a pleasantly sweet and aromatic cloud.

Multifaceted and layered, the flavors of the Tatuaje Cabaiguan are just plain delicious for a mild to medium cigar which is usually more consistent taste-wise. This cigar is an exception to the rule, though; it has a complexity of shape-shifting flavors beginning with a spicy burst that unites with the predictable earthy creaminess one might expect of a Nicaraguan puro.

The trademark Pepin Pepper is present in the initial third of the cigar, but not as spicily hot as other Johnson blends. The second third sees the addition of some oaken notes reminiscent of a well-aged barrel.

Then, the spices intensify in the concluding third of the cigar as they combine with the creamy earthiness to impart the impression of a yeasty pastry—delicious! This cigar is often smoked to the nub to eke out every last bit of delectable spicy flavor and nuttiness.

The Cabaiguan: a perfect combination of the earthiness of a Nicaraguan puro, the creaminess of its Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, and the spiciness of Don Pepin Garcia’s masterful touch—all wrapped up in a mild to medium blend!!! Other than NOT smoking it after a satiatingly large meal, this cigar is a real crowd-pleasing cigar: morning, noon, and night.

With the single possible exception of Bad Boy Hombres who only like spicy full-strength, knock you on your backside cigars, the Cabaiguan should please nearly every palate and is a must-have cigar in every humidor. Simply put, this cigar is a keeper.

POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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