Cigar: Tatuaje Black Cigar

Price:  around $14                                                        Binder:  Nicaraguan      

Cigar:  Tatuaje Black                                                      Wrapper:  Nicaraguan

Filler:  Nicaraguan                                                          Strength:  Medium to Full 

Tatuaje Black CigarsThe Tatuaje Black was founded by Pete Johnson.  It is known as his very own personal cigar.   When released, it was instantly popular.  Many described it as THE cigar of 2008.  When introduced, the Black quickly sold out, and eventually found its way, individually wrapped, into ceramic collector jars.   

With its unclipped foot and simple cap, it is definitely a cigar designed to stand out.  Now it is can be found in boxes of 10, size 6x52, and wrapped in a Torpedo Wrapper.  As with all Tatuaje labels, these cigars are handcrafted with Nicaraguan Puro tobacco that comes from 1st generation Nicaraguan Cuban-seed tobaccos.   

Compared to the Tatuaje Brown, the Tatuaje Black is smoother and more refined from the very beginning.  Many describe it as medium to full-bodied in flavor, and full in strength.  At prelight, little aroma from the wrapper or the foot is detected, but do not let that fool you.  This cigar has some power!   When it, it offers extremely strong bursts of pepper and leather when lit.   

The pepper is hot, full, and biting, which builds and fades and builds again throughout the smoke, as well as an espresso flavor which nicely fades to a woody mix.  When bringing the smoke in through the sinuses, you get a rich, dark chocolate and espresso bean taste with no harshness. 

The Tatuaje Black Cigar is surprisingly refined, despite its complexity of flavors.  Leather, hay, cocoa, and hints of ginger and honey are tasted at times, along with the build and fade of the pepper.  At the same time, this is a smooth and mellow smoke.  A caramel taste begins at the end of the first third, making it wonderfully creamy.   

The draw is nice and easy, and the descriptions of the burn show sign of dead-on construction, having a jet-black straight ring, and requiring no attention.  In fact, the salt and pepper ash is so tight you may have to it in the ashtray to loosen it. 

The Tatuaje Black is rolled in classic Cuban tradition by master rollers who are personally trained by Maestro Tobaquero, Jose Garcia.  The Cigar is rolled with a beautiful Cuban Triple-cap with a smooth, brown wrapper, and is wrapped in colored ribbon with a label attached reading “Don Pepin Garcia”.  

The band is similar to that found on the Don Pepin blue label, but the background is black.  A second band is also present, being straight with gold borders on a black background reading “Cuban Classic” in gold.  

The Tatuaje Black is a cigar that thankfully lives up to all of the hype.  It is a rich cigar with a lot of pleasing aroma and strength.  The flavor, like a good wine, just keeps getting better with age.  It is quite amazing that Pepin manages to get very different flavor profiles using all Nicaraguan tobacco in each of his blends, but that is why he is called 'Maestro Tobaquero’.   

His blending genius is evident in each cigar he produces, with each of having its own unique characteristics.  The Don Pepin Black label shows, once again, that he is still producing cigars that live up to his reputation.

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POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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