Tatuaje Avion Cigars For Sale Experiencing an amazing cigar such as the Tatuaje Avion starts long before the first wisps of smoke twirl through the air. The powerful smell of peppercorn combined with a hint of leather holds remembrance of the company’s other well-known cigar called the T110. However, the Tatuaje Avion stands in a class all of its own, offering the smoker a well-rounded, full-bodied experience that is not going to blast the aficionado with the familiar peppery taste found with other types of cigars.

The wrapper is actually quite striking with a beautiful oil coat and quite a few noticeable veins. Hailing from the depths of Ecuador, the wrapper is evenly colored and offers an even burn without an excess of ash. Jaime Garcia from Estelí, Nicaragua, is responsible for this fine cigar, and the masterful creation is a 2011 release within the Fausto family of cigars, well known for excellence and superiority.

Reviewers have noted that the Nicaraguan filler offers an earthy leather flavor with a hint of spice upon the first puff. The first third is splendidly even and delicious providing a creamy smoke at the beginning, opening up to the true flavor of the second third. The Nicaraguan tobacco is a super quality with more of the pure tobacco preferred by smokers. What would a smoker expect from a superior cigar like the Tatuaje Avion?

When entering the second third the smoker is welcomed to the increasing taste and aroma of spicy peppercorn, with the earthy tones still present. The smoothness is a real sticking point with the smooth smoke even passing through to the nose. The Tatuaje Avion cigar provides a great experience for all levels of smokers, from amateur to longtime expert.

Getting to the end or the last third is a delicious experience ending with a spicy piece of heaven. The earthy tones are still slightly present, giving the perfect end to this vibrant cigar without losing the trueness of the other two thirds. Even the ash is stable, making it easy to enjoy without the need to continually light up. Of course, the smoke stays deliciously creamy with the spice heating up and the earthy tones mellowing down considerably.

While the cigar was only released in August of 2011, more humidors are finding this is an exceptional addition offering a nice 6 ¾ inch size for the pleasure of smokers everywhere. Of course, the excellence of this Nicaraguan favorite is understandable. The perfect cigar offers a full-bodied deliciousness with the experience, starting with the first whiff of this amazing smoke.

Reviews have been consistent from all levels of smokers making this a great example of why the Fausto family of cigars is so popular and well-received.

Enjoying the Tatuaje Avion is easy when visiting an online cigar shop and having them shipped right to the front door. Smokers are raving about this high quality cigar, and most are reminded that this is a cigar for those liking the peppercorn intensity with the mellow earthy overtures. Visually this is an amazing piece of eye candy, providing the perfect look for any cigar. Another reason this is a favorite is the 2-hour smoke time that allows the aficionado a long, enjoyable experience from beginning to end.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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