Wrapper: Indonesia                           Binder: Honduras

Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico   Strength: Medium

Tatiana Mocha CigarThe Tatiana Mocha cigar is a box-pressed cigar made with a Sumatra wrapper. It is offered in three sizes, Caramely 6in x 50 ring gauge, Stobona 5 x 58 and Eden 5 x 46. Tatiana Mocha cigars are made with a long leaf tobacco blend from Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua.

A box-pressed cigar is a cigar that is quite literally pressed into the box. Because of this type of packaging, the cigar takes on the square shape of the box. This was once done to save on shipping costs and pack more cigars into the box. After some time, people started to notice that with the cigars being pressed so close together, it enriched the cigar and enhanced the flavor. Thus giving the cigar smoker a longer and more flavorful smoking experience.

Let’s go into a little history of the brand before we delve into the fabulous taste of these Tatiana cigars. In 1989, Nestor and Mariana Miranda started their company and called it Miami Cigar and Company. They are both originally from Holguin, Cuban. They came to the U.S. and settled in Miami, Florida. The headquarters of the company are there also. Miami Cigar and Company sold over forty thousand cigars during their first year of business. Now they sell millions of cigars every year, and are successful purveyors the world over. They are known for their premium brand cigars, but the Tatiana collection is one of their biggest sellers. 1996 was the year that they released the Tatiana brand. It is named after their daughter Tatiana Miranda. She is currently the brand manager of Tatiana Flavored Cigars. They currently hold over 43% of the flavored cigar market share, and are one of the leading brands of flavored cigars sold in the U.S. They continue to strive for perfection with their cigars. They want to be able to offer a variety of cigars so everyone can enjoy them. The Tataina Flavored Cigars have helped them do just that.

Tatiana Mocha cigar has a deep, dark brown Sumatra wrapper, with medium sized veins. It feels solid and well packed. Feeling the cigar, there are no soft spots. The draw is a bit loose on this box-pressed cigar. The burn is excellent throughout the entire smoke. It also produced volumes of creamy white smoke. Throughout the smoke the taste is primarily of semi-sweet chocolate, with hints of vanilla. There is a strong flavor of coffee as well, but it compliments the chocolate and vanilla flavors nicely. Towards the end of the smoke, the coffee, chocolate, and vanilla flavors are still present, but there are hints of nuts in the background. One thing that is noticeable is that there was no super sugary taste on the cap that is normally present on flavored cigars. This meant that there were no overpowering flavors to endure at the beginning of the smoke. Thus, making the Tatiana Mocha an even more enjoyable smoke.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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