Cigar: Tatiana La Vita                 Binder: Dominican

Origin: Dominican Republic         Strength: Mild

Wrapper: Indonesian                  Filler: Dominican Cuban Seed

Tatiana La Vita cigars are smaller variation of the Tatiana Classic. If you want the taste of the Classic, but a little smaller length and ring-gage, then Tatiana La Vita is for you. Weighing in at only 5 inches long with a 38 ring gage, these little guys will smoke for 25-35 minutes. Tatiana La Vita cigars are offered in six mouth-watering flavors. You have your choice of cherry, chocolate, cinnamon, honey, rum, and vanilla.

Tatiana La Vita CigarsWhen you think of Tatiana cigars, you think of flavor. Tatiana is one of the leading flavored cigars in the world. Each Tatiana cigar is made with excellent quality Cuban seed, Dominican grown long filler, and expertly constructed with Indonesian grown wrappers. All of the tobaccos used in the Tatiana La Vita are aged for two years, guaranteeing that you will have a smooth and mellow smoking experience. But make no mistake about it, these cigars explode with flavor from the moment they are lit, and never let up. Their mild strength and affordable price makes Tatiana an excellent choice for an everyday smoke.

Like the Tatiana Classics, the La Vita line of cigars is perfectly constructed to draw smoothly, and burn evenly throughout the entire smoke. Each flavor offers its own unique smoking experience, with each so delectable, it’s hard to pick just one. The cherry La Vita’s are infused with delicious cherry oils that fill the room with the aroma of sweet cherries. If you are a chocolate lover, the Tatiana La Vita chocolates will not disappoint. These luscious cigars have a sweetness that satisfies your cravings for a chocolate cigar. If you prefer a little more spice, pick up a box of La Vita cinnamons. Great with a morning cup of hot tea, these cigars have just the right mixture of sweetness and spice to start your day off right. One of the most popular cigars of the bunch are the honey flavored. These little smokes are loaded with sweet honey that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. The Rum La Vita is a testament to what wonderful things happen when premium tobaccos meet delicious rum flavored infusions. Hints of molasses and just the right amount of spice make this cigar sing with complexity. Like all the Tatiana brand of smokes, the rum flavored La Vita is smooth, not too sweet, and a joy to experience. Last, but certainly not least, the Vanilla La Vitas are top sellers as well. Infused with creamy vanilla, these smokes are delightfully delicious leaving you wanting more and more with each enjoyable puff.

If you love an infused cigar, then go with Tatiana. Renowned for their spirit and flavor, Tatiana will light up the room anytime. You can choose between Tatiana Classic (6” x 44), Lavita (5” x 38), Dolce (5” x 30), and Tatiana Mini Cigars (3 ½” x 26) for a quick 15 minute smoke. If you can’t decide, pick up a sampler pack or two before you buy a box. “Flavor the moment” with a Tatiana.


POSTED ON Oct 14, 2017


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